PORT Adelaide is up in arms about clubs such as Hawthorn gaining what it believes is an unfair advantage in trialling potential new rules that could come in as early as next season.

The AFL staged a secret trial of rule changes at Etihad Stadium earlier this month during a Hawks training session.

Brisbane also held a similar trial of rules at the Gabba earlier this week.

The rule changes being considered include the starting positions of players, last-touch out of bounds and play-on from backwards kicks.

Speaking after Friday night's 10-point over Melbourne at Adelaide Oval, Power coach Ken Hinkley wanted to see what impact the changes would have.

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"I'm looking forward to the vision coming to us so we can get a look at that vision," Hinkley said.

"We don't want clubs having a six-month advantage over what they're seeing trialled when other clubs haven't seen any of that.

"That would be the only question I would have about that.

"If you're going to do trials, all 18 clubs deserve to get a look at it.

"It's going to have an impact on lots of things if they change rules as drastically as they're talking about doing."

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Power president David Koch was just as outspoken during a pre-game radio interview.

"Why do selected clubs get to try it out?," Koch told 3AW on Friday night.

"The rule change may come out in October, (Hawks coach) Alastair Clarkson, after all his coffees with the AFL big wigs, and (Hawks president) Jeff Kennett are able to think about it for an extra four months.

"I think the tapes of those games should be given to every club because other coaches and other players may have suggestions.

"What’s to hide from it?

"There's nothing wrong saying we're trying this out, that's innovative thinking, the AFL should be applauded for that. Don't hide it and don't keep it to a select (group).

"There's no 'V' in AFL anymore so you don't need to have just Victorian clubs getting the upper hand."

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The Power's head of football Chris Davies is on the AFL's competition committee that will have a say on any rule changes.