ON DEADLINE day in October, every trade can look like a winner. 

Eight rounds into a new season, reality has usually hit, so we asked you to revisit your verdict on last year's NAB AFL Trade Period with the benefit of seven months' hindsight.

In an AFL.com.au survey, we asked you to re-rate your club's work at the 2017 trade table.

Here we present the average ratings out of 10 for each team from Adelaide to the Giants, and a selection of your views on what's gone right, what's disappointed, and the trades, players or strategies that hang in the balance.

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Adelaide Crows

In: Bryce Gibbs, Sam Gibson, picks 12, 39, 77, 2018 first-round pick (Melbourne), 2018 second-round pick (Carlton), 2018 third-round pick (Carlton) and 2018 fourth-round pick (Melbourne)

Out: Charlie Cameron, Jake Lever, Harrison Wigg, picks 16, 36, 54, 73, 91, 2018 second-round pick, 2018 third-round pick and 2018 fourth-round pick

What's gone right so far?

Bryce Gibbs has seamlessly slotted into the midfield and covered several of our midfielders' absences through injury. Disappointing not to see Sam Gibson so far, but hope he will soon come in. Tom Doedee has bridged the Jake Lever gap better than could have been reasonably hoped.
- Cameron Hills, Adelaide SA

Bryce Gibbs has stamped himself as an elite midfielder despite the loss of both Crouch brothers and Rory Sloane for long periods. Trading for pick 12 allowed us to pick Darcy Fogarty, who has shown his high potential already this season. Potentially having three top 20 picks in next year's draft also allows us to trade up and potentially pick up another South Australian in either Jack Lukosius or Izak Rankine.
- Tyson Smith, Brighton SA

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What's been the biggest disappointment?

Gibson probably would have struggled to make the best 22 anyway, but losing Charlie Cameron has clearly impacted the forward line's balance. We look too slow and top heavy without Charlie.
- Jordan Cousins, Mentone Vic

Not yet seeing Sam Gibson on the field. I was excited to see him tagging, after several seasons without a top-end tagger.
- Mark Nading, Mawson Lakes SA

The jury's out on ...

... Jake Lever. We've won that trade comprehensively so far. He's proven as overpriced as we thought.
- Ben Wesley, Adelaide SA

... whether or not the draft picks we got for Lever will hold their value.
- Lincoln Edwards, Adelaide SA

Brisbane Lions

In: Charlie Cameron, Luke Hodge, picks 15, 40, 44, 52

Out: Josh Schache, Tom Rockliff, picks 12, 20, 43, 75

What's gone right so far?

Chalie Cameron. He's been worth the price of admission every game. A young exciting forward who always has a crack and has an amazing work ethic. He not only makes us more potent up forward, but is setting an example to the new cubs. He's a genuine star and a great example on and off the field, which will help shape us in the years to come.
- Mark Schluter, Everton Park Qld

The Lions nailed it and acquired a bargain in Charlie Cameron for pick 12. He's going to be a future star of the comp and possibly the best small forward in the game.
- Liam Atherton, Macleod Vic

What's been the biggest disappointment?

Not getting an experienced tall forward to help guide the younger players coming through like Eric Hipwood. This has been exposed by teams in crucial games so far this season. I'd expect them to go after experienced forwards this trade period, either through free agency or by luring one from another club.

- Nicholas Wynne-Markham, East Brisbane Qld

The jury's out on ...

... Luke Hodge. He has been so focused on mentoring the younger defenders and allowed his own opponent to work off of him and get some distance. It leaves him trying to play catch-up.
- Nicole Curley, Port Augusta SA

... how big the losses of Rockcliff and Schache will be. Rockcliff is injury prone but played his best game for Port last week. Schache could be a long term prospect.
- Wayne Oates, West Hobart Tas


In: Matthew Kennedy, Darcy Lang, Matthew Lobbe, pick 10, 30, 73, 2018 second-round pick (Adelaide), 2018 second-round pick (Western Bulldogs), 2018 fourth-round pick (Geelong)

Out: Bryce Gibbs, pick 40, 58, 77, 95, 2018 third-round pick, 2018 fourth-round pick

What's gone right so far?

They have not set the world on fire so far but Kennedy and Lang have shown promise and are the right age profile to be part of a long-term successful team. Lobbe is just an insurance policy and although Gibbs was quality lost, he only had 2-3 more years. So far, pick 10 in return is showing to be an astute trade by Stephen Silvagni as Lochie O'Brien has Isaac Smith traits.
- Brad Herberte, Nambour Qld

O'Brien looks to be a very good player, and although Kennedy has been injured he is showing signs of being exactly what we need to help Patrick Cripps out in the middle. Lang, although one game in, provides excellent run and skills as well as hitting the scoreboard. And we still have two second rounders for what everyone is seeing as a super draft.
- Jason Lawrence, Sutton NSW

What's been the biggest disappointment?

Losing the experience of Bryce Gibbs. We have missed his skills and effort this season. Now without Matthew Kreuzer and Cripps, we may as well have the centre bounce in the defensive goal square.
- Toby Ainsworth, Ballarat Vic

The jury's out on ...

... Matt Kennedy. Although he has had injury troubles since he arrived, he hasn't set the world on fire in his appearances so far. Still, there's plenty of time this season for him to show what he can do.
- Alex Owen, Nunawading Vic

... Matthew Lobbe. Andrew Phillips is already ahead of him in the ruck pecking order. 
- Brydon Griffiths, Mount Evelyn Vic


In: Sam Murray, 2018 third-round pick (Sydney)

Out: 2018 second-round pick

What's gone right so far?

The Pies defied their critics with the signing of hard-running, daring half-back Sam Murray, pinched from under Sydney's noses. First-round draft pick Jaidyn Stephenson has played every game of 2018 and looks to be a top-five player of the competition in the upcoming years. After the Mayne and Wells free agency moves of the previous year, we kept ourselves pretty clean. Flynn Appleby and Nathan Murphy look decent picks, too.
- Peter Stevens, Mt Waverley Vic

Everyone questioned the Sam Murray trade, but by round three he really got those critics quiet and everyone is loving what he is producing off the half-back flank. Allowing the side to settle this year and keeping the cash for 2019 was a smart idea.
- Niko Besant, Geelong Vic

What's been the biggest disappointment?

The failure to recruit a key marking forward. That need could have been filled with Jack Watts. We also needed a key defender to give Lynden Dunn support. Matt Scharenberg would be better suited as a third defender instead of second.
- Tom Gleeson, Hawthorn Vic

Murray has been a good pick-up, but that doesn't change the fact we paid massive overs for a rookie who couldn't crack a game in two years. Any other club would have got him for no more than a fourth rounder.
- James Johnson, Melbourne Vic

The jury's out on ...

... Daniel Wells. Can he stay on the park long enough to be there when Collingwood reach flag contention again? If not, then the recruitment has to be deemed a failure.
- Dylan George, St Kilda East Vic


In: Adam Saad, Devon Smith, Jake Stringer, 2018 second-round pick (GWS)

Out: Picks 11, 30, 2018 second-round pick, 2018 third-round pick

Devon Smith (r) and Jake Stringer. Picture: AFL Photos

What's gone right so far?

Smith is an absolute gun. Saad has produced what I expected at a solid level. Stringer has been disappointing but hasn't been helped by Joe Daniher's lack of form.
- James Keen, Aspendale Gardens Vic

Devon Smith is potentially leading the best and fairest so far. He's brought a consistent level of pressure and effort to his game, and has shown great skills by foot.
- Brodie Olma, Perth WA

What's been the biggest disappointment?

Jake Stringer not finding any form. He has shown brief glimpses, but no consistency. Doesn't have the tank to be a midfielder. Probably needs a run in the VFL, which is not what he was recruited for.
- Adam Hatfield, Frankston Vic

Adam Saad. Despite Stringer not delivering, it wasn't anything unexpected. Saad looked to be more of a solid contributor to Gold Coast and is yet to return to that form.
- Sam Bennett, Kensington Vic

The club's failure to accept where it is. They didn't fill the need for an inside mid in the trade period, yet they are reluctant to try any younger players in the role. Dylan Clarke and Kyle Langford continue to dominate in the VFL. Why aren't they playing?
- Sam Anstis, Ballarat Vic

The jury's out on ...

... Stringer. The Package needs to arrive on our doorstep sometime soon.
- James Warwick, Perth WA

... Stringer. He just looks terrible when we're playing badly and great when we're playing well. I don't think he's the solution for the side's mediocrity, but he could make the difference if we get our act together.
- Tim Gum, Thornbury Vic


In: Brandon Matera, Nathan Wilson, picks 2, 66, 71, 83

Out: Harley Balic, Hayden Crozier, Lachie Weller, pick 57, 2018 second-round pick, 2018 third-round pick, 2018 fourth-round pick

What's gone right so far?

The injection of new talent has worked. The Dockers have found direct replacements before the departure of three veteran stars (Michael Johnson, David Mundy, Hayden Ballantyne) in Wilson, Adam Cerra and Matera respectively. Andrew Brayshaw covers the loss of Weller well. Mitch Crowden and Bailey Banfield have been a bonus. There's a smooth transition ahead.
- Aaren Kanther, Karrinyup WA

Brayshaw for Lachie Weller - huge tick. Brayshaw has started to really establish himself. Nathan Wilson - another tick. We've not had such a good kick out of defence since Paul Duffield. Brandon Matera was another great pick-up.
- Scott Greer, Henley Brook WA

What's been the biggest disappointment?

Brandon Matera just hasn't played anywhere near as well as he should be playing. He needs to be kicking more goals in a team of not many strong forwards.
- Jay Cutler, Padbury WA

The inability to get a key tall forward in free agency.
- Dane Harris, Toowoomba Qld

The jury's out on ...

... Matera. I know he's capable of kicking a bag of goals and racking up disposals, but he hasn't shown it yet. Would like to see more than just 15 disposals and a goal per game.
- Adam Parker, Mount Hawthorn WA

Geelong Cats

In: Gary Ablett, picks 24, 58, 2018 third-round pick (Richmond), 2018 fourth-round pick (Carlton), 2018 fourth round-pick (Gold Coast)

Out: Darcy Lang, Steven Motlop, pick 53, 2018 second-round pick, 2018 fourth-round pick

What's gone right so far?

The compensation pick received for Steven Motlop has brought Tim Kelly to the club, who has proved in just eight games that he's set to consistently have a bigger impact at Geelong than Motlop was ever able to. That Ablett bloke looks like he could be a player, too. 
- Nic Gysen, Richmond Vic

The little master is back! Although missing a few games, which was to expected, Ablett is and will be a massive part of our path to finals. Getting Stewart Crameri for peanuts has provided great depth in Menzel's absence. And although we didn't secure Devon Smith, it looks like we may have dodged a bullet by not signing Stringer. Losing Motlop hasn't hurt at all and in fact has given guns like Kelly and Brandan Parfitt more game time, which is paying huge dividends.
- Dion Plumb, Breakwater Vic

What's been the biggest disappointment?

Not actively pursuing a truly elite ruckman. Hopefully something will be done in the coming off-season. Brayden Preuss anyone?
- Jordan Fletcher-Blain, Geelong Vic

Not landing Devon Smith. He would been a great pressure addition to our forward line from the start, since that's an area we're lacking.
- Scott Hamilton, Portland Vic

Trading out our 2018 second-round pick hurts, as we have two father-sons in Brownless and Mensch that might go in the second round.
- Selina Ross, Hoppers Crossing Vic

The jury's out on ...

... letting go of Darcy Lang. He could definitely find a spot in Geelong's best 22 at the moment.
- Leighton Phipps Coombs ACT

... Ablett playing pure midfield. We’re likely to see a lot of him forward, which isn’t a bad result.
- Nic Gysen Richmond, Australia

Gold Coast Suns

In: Lachie Weller, Harrison Wigg, Aaron Young, picks 19, 41, 50, 54, 2018 first-round pick (West Coast), 2018 second-round pick (Essendon), 2018 second-round pick (Geelong), 2018 third-round pick (Fremantle)

Out: Gary Ablett, Brandon Matera, Adam Saad, picks 2, 21, 24, 26, 37, 39, 2018 second-round pick, 2018 fourth-round pick

What's gone right so far?

Aaron Young has been a more than serviceable recruit. He has given the forward line a little extra potency and has allowed it to become more dynamic.
- Taylor Sing, Pacific Pines Qld

Weller was a good pick as we go after local players who don't have the 'Go home to mummy in Melbourne' attitude. The young picks are progressing well.
- John Wright, Gold Coast Qld

What's been the biggest disappointment?

Lachie Weller. There are several players in this year's draft that have shown better promise.
- Garreth Edwards, Richmond Vic

The jury's out on ...

... the deal for the Eagles' pick swaps. Hopefully the Eagles hit the wall and drop down the ladder, and the 2018 draft is a super one.
- Gary Steven, West Leederville WA

GWS Giants

In: Picks 11, 28, 57, 2018 second-round pick (Fremantle), 2018 third-round pick (Essendon)

Out: Matthew Kennedy, Devon Smith, Nathan Wilson, picks 25, 71, 2018 second-round pick

What's gone right so far?

Zac Langdon has made an immediate impact and Aiden Bonar is a star. Already young local lad Nick Shipley has had a couple of chances, which is great for local footy in Sydney's west.
- Kim Ryan, Chatswood NSW

Despite losing so many key players, (Wilson, Zac Williams, Stevie J), we have been able to fill the gaps with players like Isaac Cumming and Zac Langdon.
- Lachlan Knight, Batemans Bay NSW

What's been the biggest disappointment?

Our depth. Since giving away our rebound half-back flanker and a pressure forward, we have lost our depth and struggle to compete against experienced sides.
- Cale Tierney, Baldivis WA

Losing Devon Smith for next to nothing hurts, especially as he is a tackling machine at Essenden and would have been a great fit for the Giants this year.
- Grady Just, Traralgon Vic

The jury's out on ...

... the recruiters. We keep trading off old talent and filling their places with rookies, and now it's starting to hurt with all of the injuries.
- Grady Just, Traralgon Vic

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