ONLY half a dozen clubs choose to access information umpires make available to them each week that shows what they are focusing on at training.

The 'coaches' notes' provide the rules and interpretations umpires will emphasise at training during the week.

They also include footage providing examples of the areas being focused upon.

Last week in the lead-up to round three, clubs who wanted to receive the notes would have been aware that the umpires were concentrating on how 'prior opportunity' was being interpreted in the first two rounds. 

The umpires first made the information available during the middle of last season at the height of the 'rule of the week' debate.

However understands many clubs decided not to place themselves on the mailing list, deeming it unnecessary to their planning and preparation for games. 

On Tuesday, AFL football operations boss Simon Lethlean revealed on SEN that last week's coaches' notes showed the umpires planned to focus at training on how 'prior opportunity' was being applied after football operations discussed the issue after round two.

"The coaching notes are made available to every club that wants them for the week ahead as to what has been the focus," Lethlean said. 

"There was certainly a focus on potentially the fact [prior opportunity] had been quite hot in the first couple of weeks." understands this week's coaches' notes for umpires include re-emphasising holding the ball interpretations, a look at the deliberate out of bounds rule and a focus on support free kicks, which are free kicks awarded by the non-controlling umpire.