RICHMOND star Dustin Martin has pleaded for his father Shane to be allowed back into Australia almost 12 months after the former biker president was deported to New Zealand.

Shane Martin had his Visa cancelled in March last year after the Federal Government deemed he failed to meet minimum character requirements to stay in Australia.

A former official in the Rebels motorcycle gang, Martin is now living in his native New Zealand, where he is regularly visited by Dustin.

The 2016 Richmond club champion said his father – whose criminal record included drug and assault charges – had done nothing wrong and should be allowed back into Australia.

"I wake up every day hoping to get a phone call from dad saying, 'Guess what I'm coming back'," Martin told Channel Nine.

"He hasn't done anything wrong. 

"If he was a criminal I'd cop it, but they've just taken him away for association. 

"Fair enough if he'd done something then you'd cop your whack, but to just be taken away for no reason – breaking up the family – I think it's pretty stupid."

Martin said his father had turned his back on his biker past and his former association with the Rebels motorcycle gang should not be a reason to deport the 49-year-old.  

"Just because he's in a club, you can't just say that he's doing something wrong," Martin said. 

"There's plenty of clubs out there. I'm in a footy club, he's in a bikie club.

"They get together and go for rides, I get together with my club and play football."