ROUND six saw some of our most reliable players perform well below expectations, making Monday rage trades a priority.

Once the dust settles however, take a deep breath, reverse the trades and keep moving your team in the right direction.

On a positive note, despite the hiccups, a remarkable six players managed to score over 150.

Fantasy Pig

The GOAT was a Pig on the weekend and has to be considered as a trade target following his bye. Somehow, Gary Ablett has flown under the radar the last few weeks, but that won’t be the case following his 45 possession, nine tackle and one goal game which produced the round's top score of 162.

Honourable mention: To find a defender capable of averaging 114 is priceless, and that's exactly what Sam Docherty is doing on the back of a phenomenal game against the Swans where he gathered 39 possessions and took 12 marks for 159. The sooner you can bring Doc in, the better 

Nine things we learned from round six

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Rage trades

My Twitter account nearly exploded during the Demons game when I was inundated with messages of despair, frustration and anger towards Alex Neal-Bullen.

Now, although I do feel for his owners (a tiny bit), it is time to be grateful for what he has delivered so far this year and drop the expectation of him to pump out premium scores on a weekly basis. ANB has gone up a juicy $200,000 and is still averaging 88 despite his nightmare 31 on Sunday.

I think Jobe Watson needs a rest ... despite his owners justifiably believing he took one on the weekend against the Dees. He was well below the high standard we set for the star midfielder, as he collected just 13 possessions and laid only one tackle for a score of 48. He needs to be in your trade plans.

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Harley Balic returned from injury in impressive fashion, collecting 19 possessions, taking six marks, laying four tackles and a goal for a great score of 91. If you don’t own him, he is still a viable downgrade option despite the price rise.

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The top five

  • Gary Ablett: 162
  • Kade Simpson: 161
  • Sam Docherty: 159
  • Sam Jacobs: 158
  • Rory Sloane: 155 

Trade targets

  • Rory Sloane
  • Sam Docherty
  • Harley Balic
  • Elliot Yeo
  • Dylan Roberton 


Yeah I agree mate, he has to be in the conversation. Absolute beast.Tom Mitchell has been amazing and we actually got lucky that Adam Treloar got to where he did. At least we know he will bounce back hard.Yeah it sounds like 'Nank' could be suspended which hurts! He has been in awesome form so it's tempting to hold him. I watched Roughy closely this weekend and I think it’s a good idea to trade.Don’t ask questions when you already know the answer Cal - poor old Snoop.