PATRICK Dangerfield has confirmed he will announce where he intends to play next season on Wednesday afternoon. 

The superstar midfielder was swamped by media on Wednesday morning when he arrived at a club lunch in the city. The Age reports that Geelong has offered him a six-year deal worth over $800,000 a year.

Dangerfield said he would reveal all later in the day.

"I'm here to have a good day, we'll make those decisions in due course and we'll announce something later today but at the moment it's not appropriate," Dangerfield said.

Earlier, Dangerfield's teammate Rory Sloane insisted the club's players remained clueless as to whether he would be at the club next year.

The club's entire football department – including players – met at the Cumberland Arms Hotel in the city's CBD on Wednesday morning, hours after reports suggested a statement would be released in the afternoon that Dangerfield would seek a trade to Geelong in October.

Sloane said he looked forward to Dangerfield's future being decided, but told reporters he didn't know what the three-time All Australian was thinking.

"The rumours (of a decision) are all circulating around today but I'm not really sure what to believe," Sloane said.

"We'll chat about that when a decision is made later today or whenever it is.

"It'll be nice to have a decision made … [but] we don't all get involved with each other's personal lives, that's just the way it is.

"There's some things you like to keep to yourself and we respect that."

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Earlier on Wednesday, Mark Ricciuto, an Adelaide board member and one of the club's greatest players, said Dangerfield's expected defection would prove difficult ahead of Adelaide's club champion award on Saturday night and the Brownlow medal count on Monday night - he could win both awards.

"Potentially it could be like that but let's just wait and see and deal with the facts," Ricciuto said on his morning radio program on Triple M in Adelaide on Wednesday.

"Hopefully the facts will become a lot more clearer and a lot more definite soonish.

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Ricciuto evaded questions about Dangerfield reportedly telling the Crows last month of his decision to seek a move to Geelong.

"I don't need to be commenting on that at this stage," he said.

"All this information will come out in due course ... there is a lot of stuff being speculated and I will just wait until the actual facts come out.

"It's a difficult process and a difficult time for lots of people.

"Just back in the football club and be assured that the footy club will do everything they can for whatever situation ... there's lots of things in the air."

Sloane tipped the Crows to absorb the loss of Dangerfield, if he does leave the club.

Dangerfield is expected to win Adelaide's best and fairest on Saturday night but Sloane said the Crows' ability to deal with adversity this year showed it was strong enough to survive a player's departure.

The explosive 25-year-old has clearly been the club's most damaging player this season, leading it for average disposals, contested possessions and inside 50s.

"I've got no doubt that our club will handle any situation and we've proven that this year," Sloane said.

"That's why I enjoy being here and that's why I think we're going to have some great success in the next few years."

Sloane also said fans would have to get used to the idea of star players switching clubs as a result of free agency.

He believed the players understood Dangerfield's situation and said that while loyalty would remain a valued attribute in modern football, it was no longer always possible to achieve.

"Free agency's been in the last three years now and it is going to become a common thing, guys will leave footy clubs but that's part of football and that's part of any business," he said.

"It's there to help the players and fans are great and they want loyalty and that's what ideally we'd like to see in footy clubs as well – but it's not always what you're going to get. 

"It's not always what's best for a player."