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The 2016 AFL accounts media release

On behalf of the AFL Commission, the AFL has this afternoon lodged the 2016 Financial Accounts with ASIC and will send them to the 18 Club Presidents and Chairs in preparation for the Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday March 16, 2017.

In his summary of the year, AFL Commission Chairman Mike Fitzpatrick said the AFL, through the work of the AFL Executive and the Commission, had achieved impressive results in each of its key indicators on the health of the game.

Financial result

In 2016, AFL revenue increased by $10.9 million to $517.0 million, while operating surplus before grants and distributions was $330.4 million.

Other key financial highlights included:
· Revenue increased by $10.9 million to $517.0 million.
· Expenditure increased by $18.9 million to $186.9 million due to revenue related increases and costs associated with purchasing Etihad Stadium and launching the AFL’s Women’s Competition.
· The operating surplus before grants and distributions decreased by two per cent to $330.4 million.
· The AFL provided $255.9 million to AFL clubs compared with $245.2 million in 2015.
· The AFL allocated $41.6 million of game development grants in 2016.
· After grants and distributions, the AFL recognised a net loss of $17.8 million in 2016, which was in line with the 2016 budget.

The Executive Director (AFL CEO) package was $1.74 million in 2016, as against $1.72 million in 2015. The total payments to AFL Executives was $8.08 million in 2016, as against $7.99 million in 2015.