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Sliding Doors: Finals, week one

If Freo noticed the jungle drums getting louder during the week ... - AFL,Sliding Doors,Fremantle Dockers,column
If Freo noticed the jungle drums getting louder during the week ...


you're able to belt up the fourth best team without Sloane and Smith ...

then ... a premiership is now very, very real. Even if Smith won't be back.

Taylor Walker celebrates a goal in the Crows' comfortable win over GWS. Picture: AFL Photos


you think you're wasting your time ...

then ... you are wasting your time. No point in asking for a priority pick.


the Blues backtrack to 2014 when they gave up pick seven for Jaksch, Boekhorst and Whiley ...

then ... they'll find a combined tally of 41 games and realise they passed up a chance at snaring Peter Wright or Jake Lever.

Delisted Blue Kristian Jaksch. Picture AFL Photos


high-performance manager Bill Davoren remains the only significant change to spin out of the recommendations included in the months-long review ...

then ... has he become a scapegoat? Looks like it.


there's no Hooker ...

then ... there's no Bombers.

  Key Don Cale Hooker could not get up for the final against the Swans. Picture AFL Photos


If you noticed the jungle drums getting louder during the week, as we did ... then ... it was probably the noise around Giant Nathan Wilson heading this way.

Running defender Nathan Wilson in action for the Giants. Picture: AFL Photos

If Menzel can't find a spot in the 22 ... then ... the Cats must be flying. 

If Rory Thompson is going to remain with the Suns ... then ... the club has a lot of work to do, despite the contract in place for the next two seasons.

Is Rory Thompson on the move?

If that's the best you can dish up in a qualifying final ... then ... we're putting a line through your flag credentials.

If after several frenetic trade periods you think Clarko is going to be quiet this time round ... then ... think again. Might be his busiest yet.


Goody wants his players to hurt ...

then ... he makes sure the 22 who played against Collingwood in round 23 are in attendance at the 'G tonight. No beers, no hot dogs. Sit. Watch. Hurt.

If North needs someone on which to spend its bucket loads of cash ... then ... he's already on its books. Ben Brown. Lock him away for six years. Now. 

North forward Ben Brown could become an AFL superstar. Picture: AFL Photos


there's no Hombsch or Jonas and you're playing against Kennedy and Darling ...

then ... come the end of the year, it's time to get outta there, Jackson Trengove.

Jackson Trengove and Ken Hinkley in happier times: Picture: AFL Photos 

If Toby Nankervis wants to make himself a Punt Rd legend ... then ... he needs to own the next four weeks.


you're still in the hunt for Lachie Whitfield ...

then ... hang in there. Desperately need him, or someone like him.

2012's No.1 draft pick Lachie Whitfield. Picture: AFL Photos

If Tippett, Hayward and Cunningham are being left out ... then ... this team officially has the best depth.


we go back to October last year ...

then ... we remember Simmo had one thing in mind when he went after Sam Mitchell. Finals. That time is here.

Retiring champ Sam Mitchell will be a huge asset for West Coast's finals campaign. Picture AFL Photos

If Jake Stringer is the only Bulldog seeking a new home ... then

... we'd be very surprised. As we said here last week, not a happy camp. Carnage everywhere, on and off the playing list.

Jake Stringer's time at the Dogs is up. Picture AFL Photos

And by popular request ...


you've set fire to millions of dollars of ambassador contracts with Karmichael Hunt and Israel Folau ...


... you need to be very, very careful in identifying the beneficiary of the next wave of industry cash devoted to promoting the new franchises. Or not dish it out at all.


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