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ST KILDA is hoping father-son prospect Bailey Rice picks the club as his preferred destination under the new bidding system, but remains in the dark about the attacking half-back's plans.
Rice, whose father Dean played 116 games for the Saints before finishing his career with Carlton in 118 games, is weighing up which of the two clubs to nominate as his first choice.
Under the new bidding system, which will take place live during the NAB AFL Draft in November, Rice can nominate both clubs but must name one as his first preference.

That club will then be able to match a bid when it comes for him on the night, which seems likely to happen at some stage in the second round.
Rice recently met with both clubs and has spent significant time at the Blues and Saints throughout the year, but is expected to make a decision in the coming weeks.
"We'd certainly like him at the Saints. We'd love him to commit to us from the father-son bidding process, but we haven't got an official answer at this stage," St Kilda list manager Tony Elshaug told AFL.com.au.
After a tweak of the father-son bidding rules to accommodate Rice's rare position of being eligible at two clubs, he will be able to name his second choice club as a back-up option.
If his nominated club chooses not to match a bid when it comes, the second club will have the option to jump in and match the bid.
Elshaug said the Saints had enjoyed having Rice train at the club as part of its father-son academy as he considers his next move.
"Bailey's been down to our club. It's been a process over 18 months when he started to come down to our club with the father-son academy with his dad Dean and family. It's been going along for a long time now, as I guess it has been for Carlton," Elshaug said.
"Bailey's spent a number of weeks at our club during the season so that was good to get to know Bailey well and help him with his football and everything else around him in his world.
"At the minute we're just waiting to hear who he commits to. We're looking forward to speaking to him across the weekend and see how that's unfolding."
Rice, who had an impressive season for Vic Country and the Dandenong Stingrays at TAC Cup level, needs to inform the clubs of his choice by October 30, the AFL's deadline.  
The 18-year-old is one of 82 hopefuls attending the NAB AFL Draft Combine at Etihad Stadium this week, which started on Thursday.
The Saints will conduct more than 40 interviews, with coach Alan Richardson also involved in the process in the lead up to the draft in Adelaide.
"He'll be in all the interviews and get an opportunity to look at specific players. We bring our fitness staff along as well. Everybody gets involved, it's a group thing," Elshaug said.
"At this stage we've got a fair idea what they're capable of from previous testing. But we've got an opportunity to see who can improve, or who will validate what you've already seen."