OUT-OF-CONTRACT midfielder Patrick Dangerfield will only leave Adelaide if the temptation of returning to his hometown becomes too great, his manager Paul Connors says. 

The 25-year-old, who becomes a restricted free agent at season's end, visited his family and friends in his hometown of Moggs Creek, near Geelong, over the Crows' round 11 bye weekend.

Connors said Dangerfield's close family ties with Geelong would be one of the main factors he would have to weigh up when deciding his playing future. 

"I would've thought he's not motivated by money, he's motivated by winning premierships," Connors told Channel Nine on Sunday. 

"The only lure that probably would get him home would be Moggs Creek, to the family. 

"That'll play out over the next four months."

In the meantime, Connors said Dangerfield was "committed" to the Crows and dismissed any suggestion that a deal had already been struck between his client and the Cats. 

"He's committed to the Adelaide Crows and he's been honest and upfront and said in the right time he'll have a think about whether the lure of coming home to his family or staying in Adelaide wins out," he said.

"Adelaide's got to do what's right for them if Patrick chose to come home but at this stage … he's a very committed footballer for the Adelaide Crows."

Dangerfield has deferred contract talks with the Crows until the end of the season to concentrate on his on-field matters. 

Meanwhile, Connors said his client Jack Watts, who has come under constant criticism since being selected by Melbourne with pick No.1 in the 2008 draft, wanted to remain at the Demons for the long haul.

When asked if Watts required a "fresh start" at a new club, Connors said: "No, no. And people forget this, he had the chance to go when (Melbourne coach) Paul Roos came to the club (in 2013).

"He had clubs wanting him and he could've left and he stood up and stayed, and he wants to be there through thick and thin."