Belonging at the AFL – diversity, inclusion and culture

AFL Workforce Gender Equity Action Plan

​The vision for our AFL Workforce Gender Equity Action Plan is to have women and men equally represented and respected, visibly leading and succeeding across all areas of our industry; with an inclusive culture that allows everyone to belong and thrive.​

In the last five years, we have seen a significant increase in the presence of women at all levels of the AFL. Supported by our inaugural Gender Action Plan and buoyed by the launch of the AFLW competition, we are stronger than ever in attracting, retaining and advancing female talent in our organisation. ​

The second Gender Equity Action Plan sets our ambition for 2022-24, building on the strong foundations of the inaugural Plan to accelerate the presence of women, transgender and non-binary people across the industry ​

Highlights from our plan include:​

  • Continuing to grow AFL female talent programs including Women in Leadership, Accelerate, GenW. ​
  • Establishing key development programs in football roles to grow representation of women in the areas of coaching, umpiring and football operations. ​
  • Hosting a yearly AFL Women’s Summit.​
  • Continuing to produce League Leaders podcast featuring thought-provoking conversations with women shaping the AFL industry.
  • Establishing AFL graduate program to attract and recruit underrepresented groups. ​

Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ career ​

​Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have made, and continue to make, immense contributions to Australian Football. ​

Our organisation has a Reconciliation Action Plan which provides a framework which brings together our programs and initiatives to support the national reconciliation movement. We are committed to continuing to employ more talented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people throughout our business, in all types of roles. ​

The AFL also seeks to use the platform of football to recognise and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. The AFL’s annual Sir Doug Nicholls Round, and the AFLW’s annual Indigenous Round, celebrate the past and ongoing positive impact Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have on our great game.

We are continuing to build the cultural awareness of our team members and use the Indigenous rounds and other significant events in the calendar to help our team gain a deeper understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories.