CHARLIE Cameron was the best small forward in the competition in 2019, and the Brisbane star plans on getting even better next season.

Cameron kicked 57 goals to earn his first All Australian jacket, but despite his breakout season, the 25-year-old says there's plenty more in the tank.

After turning smaller defenders inside out with his lightning speed and nous around goal, the opposition started putting bigger and stronger bodies on Cameron.

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Enjoy the best of Brisbane leading goalkicker Charlie Cameron from his 57-goal season

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Most notably, fellow All Australian Dylan Grimes got the best of the Queenslander when Richmond defeated Brisbane in round 23 and then again a fortnight later in a qualifying final.

Cameron struggled to impact in either match, finishing with 14 disposals and three goals combined.

Dylan Grimes got the better of Charlie Cameron in their two clashes late in the season. Picture: AFL Photos

Carlton's Lachie Plowman also had success, as did Melbourne's Steven May.

The Lions livewire has done his homework though and told he planned on preparing accordingly during the remainder of the pre-season.

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"I'm hoping to match up on Darcy Gardiner and learn to play on taller defenders so that when the ball comes in, I don't have to wrestle," Cameron said.

"I want to talk to him about what he likes and what he doesn't like when he plays on smaller players.

"When I played tall defenders I tried to wrestle and get off them when I should use my speed and keep my distance and use my running patterns to work around them.

"That's one thing I took from last year, when I played taller defenders I got done a few times."

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Cameron said he had watched plenty of vision of the two Tiger encounters particularly, and kept a "black book" of notes on things he learnt from opponents or liked from other small forwards.

He said he'd been watching lots of film of Collingwood sharpshooter Jamie Elliott, taking particular note of the Magpie's running patterns.

Cameron said he had no concerns about being targeted more heavily by opposition teams next season, though.

"I want to try and be the best small forward in the game again," he said.

"There's some good players around the League like Michael Walters, Toby Greene, Luke Breust, there's plenty of good competition.

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"Coming here (from Adelaide in exchange) for pick 12 I had a lot of expectation.

"Last year coming back from injury I had no expectation, and now grabbing my first All Australian jacket, I've just got to simplify my game to do things for the team and everything else will come."

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