SUCCESS in Fantasy Draft often comes down to players you select later rather than your early selections.

These are the players that are likely to slide down the rankings, but could be a big steal for your team.

The Traders have identified one player from every club you should keep a close eye on.

These players can also be good options for Fantasy Classic.

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Roy reveals his first Fantasy Classic team

Roy takes you through his must-haves, underpriced premiums and rookies for the first draft of his Fantasy Classic team

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After a stunning debut in 2018, a torn ACL tragically ended Tom Doedee's (DEF) season in round one last year. In his first season, Doedee averaged 73 and in 2020 he’ll receive a hefty discount which places him at an average of 54. This will place Doedee right down the bottom of Draft rankings based on average, which needs to be corrected ready for your Draft day.


Hugh McCluggage (MID) had an impressive breakout season, taking his average from 78 in 2018 to a career-high 91. Drafted at No.3 in 2016, the elite ball winner had a traditional third-year breakout and he showed plenty of potential to take his game to the next level with five hundreds, including two in the final two rounds of the season.

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After weeks of speculation, Jack Martin (FWD/MID) finally became a Blue and finds himself in a prime position to live up to his undeniable potential. The fact he is available as a forward but is every chance to play extended minutes through the midfield is an eye-catcher for a player who started 2019 in ripping form for the Suns with two 110+ scores in the first three rounds. Can he elevate his game beyond his current three-year ceiling of 83? I think 'yes', which makes him an interesting Draft prospect with big upside.

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In a moon boot prior to Christmas, Taylor Adams (MID) is back on the track and could be considered as a premium who is ranked (and priced) below his potential output. Back in 2017 Adams averaged 114.7 in the only season he's played 22 games. In the last two seasons he has averaged 95.1 with the most recent coming from only 10 games. One of those scores was an injury-affected 49. With just 10 per cent of his scores in the last five years under 80, Adams is a consistent performer who should average triple figures if his body is right.


Is now the time that we will see Darcy Parish (MID/FWD) breakout? Extra midfield time in the back half of last season was a positive sign, but Fantasy coaches haven't seen a high ceiling with the 22-year-old only posting three scores over 100. Is yet to average more than 80 in his four years, but Parish should at least be 85, if not higher, and outperform his average draft pick.


Blake Acres (FWD/MID) is one to watch in Draft and if he can find his best form, I guess the bold could look at him as an underpriced option in Classic. Last season he averaged just 68, but in 2018, he averaged a career-high 81 from 12 games which included a top score of 124.


Before last season, Zach Tuohy (DEF) had not missed a game for six years. For multiple reasons, Tuohy managed just 15 games in 2019 and averaged just 68. This is well short of Tuohy's previous two seasons where he has averaged 81 and 86 respectively. Tuohy is certainly a name that you'll need to be adjusting in your Draft rankings, as he currently sits 10 to 15 points under what he is capable of.


After saying goodbye to the Crows, Hugh Greenwood (MID/FWD) has made his way to Gold Coast in the hope he can string together more than the 14 games he managed in 2019. Greenwood is a prolific tackler, averaging six a game. He laid 13 on the Eagles in round 10 and is much better than the 78 Fantasy points he averaged last year. He has forward eligibility and needs to be moved up your Draft rankings as he could be knocking on the door to be a top-10 forward.


Nick Haynes (DEF) averaged a career-high 79.4 in 2019. He finished the home and away season averaging 91 for his final six games. High mark counts helped his output which continued into the finals, with a whopping 15 marks taken in the Grand Final for 119 points. He also scored 118 in the preliminary final in against the Magpies.


Jack Gunston (FWD) has been a consistent Fantasy player over his career. He rarely misses games and prior to last year, posted averages of 92, 88, 85 and 87, His 2019 return of 76 was his worst since 2012. The addition of Jonathon Patton and the continued development of Mitch Lewis as their tall timber up forward may see Gunston roam up the ground an increase his mark count. He will, however, need to be monitored in the lead-up to round one after ankle surgery late last year.


Ex-Docker Ed Langdon (MID) is a reliable bench option in Fantasy Draft. He will continue to play on the wing with Melbourne as he did in the west, averaging 89 and 92 in the last two seasons. Langdon’s scores of 112, 105, 118 and 110 would have helped many coaches claim victory if they were playing him on the field in Draft.


It was a season to forget for Luke McDonald (DEF) after a season of suspension and injury. McDonald burst onto the scene in 2017, averaging 86, and despite a slight drop off in 2018 (avg. 70), he is a name that needs to be monitored this pre-season. It was a broken leg that ended his season in round 17 and because of such an interrupted year, he can now be found right down the rankings with an average of just 58.


Scott Lycett (RUC) is a great option if you miss the rush in the ruck department. With the departure of Paddy Ryder, the big fella should get a good run at it and his late selection could be a stroke of genius given his potential to score well as sole ruck. He showed what he can do at his best in a two-week stretch last season where he scored 130 and 140 while he also finished the season well with nice scores of 90 and 92.

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Dion Prestia (MID) is commonly a forgotten man in Draft and will likely slide well below his worth, once again. Last year he experienced his best season since averaging 100 in 2014 for the Suns. The most impressive thing about his season was he played 22 games after durability had become a big concern. He finished the year in premium fashion with nine triple-figure scores in his last 11 games including a 130. Don't hesitate to pounce.


Although his 2019 numbers didn't scream 'pick me', Jimmy Webster (DEF) has been able to string together some great Fantasy form in the past. His most prolific was the first 12 rounds of 2019 where he was a picture of consistency averaging 90. Injury affected his output in the second half of the season. Webster might be low on the draft rankings, but if he can average 79 as he did in 2018, that would place him in the top 30 for defenders. You could possibly grab him late as an on-field player in Draft but at worst, a low-risk bench selection that many coaches may forget about on Draft day.


So who is Jordan Dawson (DEF/FWD)? His name will be overlooked on Draft day as he is a bit of an unknown quantity. He averaged 83 for the year in a standout season which included four scores over 105. He played 20 games after just five games in the two years before. Dawson recently won the club's 2km time trail and will only improve on what he delivered in 2019. With limited forwards to choose from, he can be drafted with confidence.


Tim Kelly (MID) is a Draft slider, because surely he doesn't average 97 again. In his time with Geelong, Kelly never missed a game and increased his average from his debut season by 10 points. There is no reason at all why Kelly can't take his game to a higher level, to potentially average 105+.


Toby McLean (FWD) had a significant role change, moving to a more permanent forward instead of spending extended time in the midfield. His numbers took a huge hit as a result, dropping from an impressive average of 95 in 2018 to just 68 last year. When rounding out your forward line, you might as well do it with a guy who has shown elite qualities in the past.