WESTERN Bulldogs wingman Will Hayes will miss round one after accepting a one-match ban for a sling tackle on Dan Houston during the final weekend of the Marsh Community Series.

But rugged Melbourne midfielder Jack Viney, reigning Coleman medalist Jeremy Cameron and young Swan Will Hayward have all escaped sanctions. 

Hayes was charged with engaging in rough conduct for his sling-style tackle on Dan Houston during the first quarter of the Bulldogs' 10-point defeat.

The incident was assessed as careless conduct with medium impact and high contact, resulting in a one-match ban with an early plea.

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Marsh: Is Hayes in hot water for this sling tackle?

Will Hayes slams Dan Houston into the ground with a heavy tackle

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Hayward was charged with forceful front-on contact against Roo Curtis Taylor, but can accept a $2000 fine with an early plea.

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Marsh: Young Swan reported for dangerous bump

Sydney's Will Hayward could be in strife for collecting Curtis Taylor with a high bump

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Jake Melksham was charged with forceful front-on contact against Hawk Tom Scully in Friday night's game at UTAS Stadium and accepted a $2000 fine for the incident that was assessed as careless conduct, low impact and high contact.

From later in the same game, James Sicily accepted the exact same financial penalty for striking Alex Neal-Bullen, graded as careless conduct with low impact and body contact. 

Viney can breathe a sigh of relief after his tackle of Ben Stratton was cleared.

Stratton had both arms pinned as he was driven into the ground by Viney, with Christian saying it was a "dangerous tackle" but not enough to warrant a penalty.

"Once we determine it's a careless action we then go to impact and there needs to be more than negligible impact to sustain a charge," he said. 

"In this particular case with Ben Stratton, the player reaction, the visual look but also the medical report, we believe it was of a negligible nature." 

Melbourne's Jack Viney fires out a handball against Hawthorn. Picture: AFL Photos

Cameron was also cleared of any wrongdoing in an incident with Tiger Kane Lambert on Sunday. 

After the pair chased a ball towards the boundary line, Lambert went to ground and copped a knee from Cameron that "did not constitute a reportable offence". 

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Marsh: Tiger's day over after Jezza knee

Kane Lambert is ruled out of the game with concussion after copping an errant knee to the head from Jeremy Cameron

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"We didn't believe it reached our careless threshold," Christian said. 

"There was lots of discussion about it and it's a tough game. It was in the cut-and-thrust of the moment, but we believe there was no case to answer for Jeremy."

Young Roo Tristan Xerri was charged with striking Swan Aliir Aliir, but can accept a $2000 fine.