AFL PLAYERS' Association chief executive Paul Marsh has told the AFL that footballers' families need to be factored into any hub-related proposal to restart the season.

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There are suggestions the AFL will facilitate this request and Marsh said the AFL was "very amenable to that" but that nothing was certain until there was an official proposal.

"Until we actually see what this proposal looks like, it's really difficult to assess this, and there are a lot of issues," Marsh told SEN SA radio.

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"The more you think about the hub, there are more issues I can think of every day. I'm sure the AFL will put a lot of work into this, (on) how we're going to overcome all these issues, because that's going to be really important.

"(GWS president) Tony Shepherd said on the weekend there is a risk here that hubs become like cruise ships, so what are all the measures the AFL will put around these hubs?

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"We look forward to seeing the proposals, so we can assess them properly." 


Among the issues Marsh was alluding to were having groups of people together and the risk if one individual contracts the coronavirus then "they all get it".

"How can we be certain no one in there has got it and therefore is passing it on?" he said.

"That's the major point, and then you start to see where potential interactions come from, whether that be bus drivers, or people serving food, or people at the ground, whether there's media covering (games)."

In a wide-ranging interview, Marsh also touched on:

  • The "healthy" relationship between the AFLPA and the AFL despite there being "tension" on occasion
  • There still not being a compelling argument to cut playing list sizes
  • Seeing both points of view on increasing the draft age
  • How the AFLPA and the players have proven themselves to be "reasonable people" when dealing with contract renegotiations
  • Patrick Dangerfield being an "outstanding" AFLPA president who had the players' support