HOW SHOULD the NAB AFL Draft order be decided?

With debate still raging about the format and lengths of this year's draft in the wake of the game's shutdown, the AFL Exchange crew takes a different approach to figuring out ways of determining its order.

Whether it's semi-serious ideas, such as an NBA-style lottery, or the not-so-serious, like marble racing or recruiter racing, every format is debated and analysed.

Listen as the guys bring you all of the news from the COVID-19 shutdown period, plus debate some quirky topics along the way.

>> Join Callum Twomey, Riley Beveridge and Mitch Cleary as AFL Exchangecovers all of the big issues in the football world – and some of the not so big.

Episode guide

1.55 – We debate what type of punishment Lachie Hunter can expect.

6.05 – Our favourite ANZAC Day memories.

14.10 – We induct the next three players into our TO22U22 team.

18.15 – Which AFL footballer past/present would you like to see a 10-part documentary on?

21.00 – What are some fun ways we could decide a new NAB AFL Draft order?

27.50 – The boys debut a brand-new segment. 

33.50 – Is the sponsored AFL club polo deal? Cal responds…