SOME of Australia's biggest names across the sport, music, cinema, advertising, business, legal, hospitality and marketing sectors are uniting to encourage ALL AUSTRALIANS to download the COVIDSafe App.

Australia's Entertainment and sporting talent want to get back in front of a crowd, and equally, Australians are eager to return to the things they love. The sector provides hope and enjoyment for so many and has the potential to be unifying in these challenging times.

Over the past few days, an enormous amount of time, energy and resources have been put into this industry and community led- initiative resulting in a campaign called LetUsAllPlay.

The collective of leaders behind the #LetUsAllPlay campaign includes Gillon McLachlan, Jack Rush QC, Clark Kirby, Michael Gudinski, Geoff Jones, Chris Nikou, Christo Van Egmond, Peter Crinis, Brian Kruger, Ben Dixon, Dr. Brian Pliatsos, Sean Taylor, Mitch Catlin, Peter Sidwell and James Roche.

Group spokesman Gerry Ryan is thrilled to be involved, reiterating that “Let us all play” is a very clear and simple message.

"Each of us has a responsibility to get our life’s back to normal as soon as possible. Downloading the COVIDSafe app takes only a few minutes, there is absolutely no downside in doing so and there is no doubt that taking part will actually change and save life’s and our community for the better," said Mr. Ryan

The group has sent a letter to all of the major CEO’s and Chairperson’s, along with other key administrators, across all major sporting codes, arts and cinema, creative and music bodies, management and production houses, and even our Aussie born Hollywood stars!

In the open letter, it contains the following.

"Your industry provides hope and enjoyment for so many Australians and has the potential to be enormously unifying in these challenging COVID-19 times. We know that so many sporting and entertainment talent and performers are itching to get back in front of a crowd, regardless of size or avenue to reach them. And we want to see them!"

"We are consistent with the Australian Government on this approach. We need more leaders like yourself and others in your sectors, to help encourage all Australians to download the app so we can get on with the show.

"It's time we take control of our own destiny. COVID-19 is causing havoc with our lives. The best shot we have at getting our lives back and keeping it that way is to download the COVIDSafe app. It’s that simple! It is important that each of us bring our family and friends on this life saving journey by encouraging or helping them to download the app."

The soft launch begins today, on May 8, affectionately known as MATES DAY, and will take centre stage this weekend for MOTHERS DAY this Sunday, and throughout May.

A similar concept will be launched in coming days - #LetUsAllEat – to ensure key influencers in our restaurant, bar, cafe? and hospitality sectors – join in the ‘call to arms’ across Australia and download the COVIDsafe app.

Download the COVIDSafe app so that we can all play