FORMER Adelaide champion Andrew McLeod doesn't feel 'welcome' at the Crows anymore.

The two-time Norm Smith medallist has gone back to do some work with the team following his playing days, but no longer feels the warmth.

"If you asked me if I felt comfortable walking back into the football club, I'd say no," McLeod said on the Bunji and Brettster podcast.

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"I've had this conversation with a lot of my old teammates. You see lots of guys go back to their footy clubs and feel welcome.

"For me the Crows - it doesn't really have that vibe, it doesn't have that vibe where it feels like you're really welcome there.

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"I've done some work there with my programs and whatnot. But it's not a place that you feel like it embraces you as a past player."

Crows director Mark Ricciuto said he did not understand why his premiership teammate felt that way.

"It's not the way I feel or Rod Jameson who heads up the Past Players (committee) feel or I doubt other players on the committee like Mark Bickley, Peter Caven, Kym Koster or current player Tom Lynch would feel," Ricciuto replied on Twitter.

"I'm looking forward to hearing why he said it."