IN HIS discussions with family in the latter part of his life, Thursday night's Hall of Fame inductee John Abley occasionally reflected on his time at the top in football.

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Abley, Port Adelaide Magpie great, played against and with some of the all-time greats of Australian Football, both at league level in SA and at state level. 

FROM HAWTHORN TO PORT ADELAIDE Forgotten Magpie enters Hall of Fame

Once, when pushed on a team he would have picked of these now iconic football names, he nominated:

Geof Motley, Fos Williams, Ken Eustice, Polly Farmer, Ron Barassi, Ted Whitten, John Coleman, Jack E Clarke, Jack K Clarke, Dave Boyd, Lindsay Head, Bob Hank, Len Fitzgerald, Neville Hayes, Dick Russell, John Cahill, Jim Deane, John Halbert.

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Hall of Fame: John Abley

Highly decorated Port Adelaide Magpie champion John Abley joins the Hall of Fame

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He did not settle his team in positions, but they could have lined up as this:

B: Jack K Clarke, Len Fitzgerald, Dick Russell
HB: Geof Motley, Ted Whitten, Neville Hayes
C: John Cahill, Jack E Clarke, Ken Eustice
HF: Jim Deane, John Halbert, Dave Boyd
FF: Bob Hank, John Coleman, Lindsay Head
Foll: Graham Farmer, Ron Barassi, Fos Williams