WEST Coast is set to challenge Jeremy McGovern's one-match striking ban at the AFL Tribunal this week, with the Eagles defender revealing his surprise at the Match Review's decision.

McGovern has claimed he didn't realise he struck Gold Coast forward Alex Sexton during a spiteful bout between the two players at Metricon Stadium, saying he was shocked to learn his fate on Sunday evening.

It comes as the Eagles prepare to challenge the impact grading of McGovern's charge, hoping to argue that there was insufficient force involved in the strike and subsequently freeing the All-Australian defender to play in this week's crucial clash with the Lions.

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WATCH: McGovern's strike on Sexton

West Coast defender Jeremy McGovern has been charged by the MRO after striking Gold Coast forward Alex Sexton

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"I didn't even know I hit him, to be honest," McGovern told Perth radio station 96FM on Monday morning.

"I didn't go in there and try to punch someone in the face, so whatever it is it is. I guess we'll try and sort it out today."

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McGovern was banned for one match after his striking charge was assessed by the Match Review Officer as intentional conduct with low impact to the head, with the suspension to keep him out of Saturday night's game against Brisbane at the Gabba.

He was also fined $1000 from the same match for pushing Sexton into the fence after the ball had left the field of play, while Sexton was also fined $1000 for engaging in rough conduct with McGovern earlier in the game.