ETIHAD Stadium management was forced to call extra security to the interchange area on Saturday night after Carlton fans abused Fremantle small forward Hayden Ballantyne. 

Ballantyne earned the wrath of the home crowd during the third quarter after he had his jumper ripped off and then won a free kick and 50-metre penalty, kicking a goal with his torso exposed.

He exchanged words with several Carlton players before jogging to the bench to receive a new jumper.

Stadium spokesman Bill Lane confirmed the Dockers' team manager had requested security be bolstered after Ballantyne was verbally harassed by a small group of Blues supporters sitting behind the interchange area. 

"We'd observed some fairly aggressive crowd behaviour," Lane said. 

"We moved two security guards into the area and it settled down from then on."

Fremantle coach Ross Lyon made light of the incident after his team claimed a 36-point win, joking, "We won't be going down Lygon Street for a late feed, I can tell you that."

Lyon said he had not been aware of the incident during the game, but had been told the Dockers had not made an "official complaint".

"We just wanted to shoot the flare up and [give them] a little bit of a warning," he said. 

Ballantyne finished with three goals, 17 disposals and three tackles, earning praise from his coach.

"He plays with passion, but I tell you what, he gets hunted every week with the best small defender, and the best small defenders tend to play a very physical brand. 

"So I think Hayden gives as good as he gets."

Lane said the unruly fans had been moved to different seats, but not ejected from the ground.