PORT Adelaide's Tom Jonas and Geelong star Jimmy Bartel are both facing a stint on the sidelines after the Match Review Panel's scrutiny of round 17.

Jonas has been offered a three-game suspension for a high bump on St Kilda defender Dylan Roberton, while Bartel has been offered a one-match ban for a front-on bump on Adelaide's Rory Laird.

Gold Coast backman Steven May and Geelong forward James Podsiadly were cited as well, but both have been offered reprimands for rough conduct.

The 'chicken-wing' tackle that Hawthorn's Cyril Rioli laid on Western Bulldog Ryan Griffen was looked at, but the panel found that "Rioli's action after the tackle to hold his opponent's arm was determined not to have the force required to sustain a report".

A behind-play clash between Carlton's Andrew Carrazzo and North Melbourne's Lindsay Thomas was also scrutinised, but it was decided that Thomas has provoked the contact by stepping into Carrazzo's path.

The MRP's report concluded that "the body contact made by Carazzo was not a reportable action".

The bump that Jonas laid on Roberton, which left the Saint with concussion, was graded as reckless, high impact and high contact.

The initial penalty was a four-match suspension, but he can have it reduced to three with an early guilty plea.

Jones had been confident that he would escape such a severe sanction.

"Initially I just thought it was a fine bump, but obviously these days with head clashes and high contact, you're not too sure," he told AFL.com.au after Saturday night's game.

"So I'm sure it'll get looked at, but I'm pretty sure there was nothing in it."

Bartel's bump on Laird, which resulted in the young Crow being temporarily subbed out of the game while tested for concussion, was graded as negligent, medium impact and high contact. 

His initial penalty was a two-game suspension, but he can have it reduced to one if he pleads guilty.

May was cited was for an off-the-ball bump he laid on Collingwood forward Travis Cloke.

The incident was graded reckless, low impact and body contact. The initial penalty is a one-game suspension, but May can take a reprimand if he pleads guilty.

Podsiadly was booked for laying a high bump on Adelaide's Richard Douglas.

The incident was graded as negligent, low impact and high contact. His initial one-match suspension can be reduced to a reprimand with an early guilty plea.