ADELAIDE is preparing to lure Carlton star forward Eddie Betts to South Australia.

Crows coach Brenton Sanderson told radio station 5AA on Wednesday that once Betts' finals campaign with the Blues was over, the club would be in contact with him to determine interest in a move.

Sanderson said the free agent would instantly improve his side.

"Eddie would definitely make us a better team and he's one guy we're certainly looking at," Sanderson said.

"Eddie's playing for Carlton at the moment, he's in the middle of finals campaign, we'll let him finish that off and we'll be in discussion with his manager."

Sanderson also flagged his club’s desire to recruit Brisbane Lions midfielder Jared Polec.

Polec has sought a trade home to South Australia and with his good friend and former Woodville/West Torrens teammate Brodie Smith already on Adelaide's list, West Lakes could appeal to the 20-year-old.
Sanderson said he still remembered the left-footer's recruiting tapes from the 2010 draft, when he was an assistant at Geelong.

"I remember that draft, I loved his tapes…he's another one, he's a talent," he said.

"He's got speed, he's the right height, he's a left footer… I know he wants to come home, so he's one name that's definitely on our list."

With defenders Rory Laird and Kyle Hartigan to be promoted onto Adelaide’s  senior list, Sanderson said there were only "a couple" of positions left to fill heading into the trade period.

Despite talk to the contrary, the coach insisted out-of-contract forward Shaun McKernan wanted to play on next season.

It has been reported that McKernan wished to be traded home to Victoria.

Sanderson said that if it was opportunity that McKernan sought, he wouldn't find a more favourable environment than where he already is.

"His preference is to play with us…and if you looked at all the 18 clubs and thought 'where would I get the best opportunity to play', the best opportunity for a key forward is at the Adelaide footy club," he said.

"I do like him. I've had a couple of catch-ups with him. He's certainly out of contract and we'd love to offer him a new contract but we'll have to wait and see how that one plays out."

Despite his assurances to McKernan, Sanderson said he wanted to add to Adelaide’s key forward stocks.

Trading would appear his only option to do so, given the club's draft sanctions.

"If you look at where we're short…we need to bring in a key forward," Sanderson said.

"The trouble's going to be though [that] we're going to have our first pick in the 60s, there's not too many key forwards available at 60."

He said the possibility of the club trading for Melbourne's second overall pick was "a real long shot".

"Both sides of the party would have to feel like they've won out of the deal," Sanderson said.

The coach again declared recently crowned club champion Rory Sloane off limits, but conceded he would have to lose players at some point in order to make a collective gain.

"We love Rory Sloane, he loves being here – we're not going to trade Rory Sloane out of our footy club," he said.

"That would be a foolish decision.

"At the same time we need to make our squad stronger and sometimes you've got to let players go to bring in talent."

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