NORTH Melbourne greats Brent Harvey and Wayne Carey have resolved their spat that threatened to mar Saturday's major milestone.

Harvey will play his 427th match this Saturday night, breaking the all-time record that Hawthorn legend Michael Tuck has held since 1991.

Extracts from Harvey's new book 'Boomer' were published on the weekend and he was highly critical of Carey.

Harvey said on Monday he had apologised to his former captain.

In the book, Harvey described Carey's extra-marital affair with the wife of their then teammate Anthony Stevens as despicable.

The book also alleged North paid hush money to protect Carey's reputation.

Carey duly hit back on radio, saying it was terribly sad that Harvey had sensationalised allegations that had never happened.

He flatly denied North paid any hush money to protect him.

Carey said he called Harvey on Sunday night to resolve their differences, describing the start of the phone conversation as "robust".

"The fact that he's come out and apologised and says he's made a mistake, I'm more than prepared to move on. I'm not one that holds a grudge," Carey told Channel Seven on Monday night.

"It'd be fair to say it [the phone call] started out a little robust, but finished in a way that he was genuine in his apology and I felt that over the phone, and (I) spoke to him again this morning before his press conference."

Earlier on Monday, Harvey said he had cleared the air with his former teammate and was keen to move on.

"For me, a lot of it was rumour ... it wasn't fact," Harvey said.

"In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have put it in the book, but unfortunately I have.

"He has a lot of rumours in his life and you probably could write a whole book on the (rumours) and Wayne Carey.

"For me, I just want to put it on the table right now, that was rumour and innuendo and I apologised to him, he accepted that, which is fantastic."

Harvey said that there is a plan for Carey to interview him on television after Saturday night's game if North win.