The AFL is excited to announce it has partnered with Rookie Me to develop a revolutionary coaching platform designed to enhance and develop coaching skills.

After years of research, development and trialling, the never-seen-before coaching platform will assist with the evolution of the game providing a higher level of coach education and streamline coaching techniques for 30,000 AFL community coaches across Australia.

RM Coach will provide coaches with a repository of training sessions/activities, coaching tools, educational resources and session plans to help them lead 1.5 million participants onto the ground each season. The content is tailored for coaches at all levels, from grassroots to the elite, for girls and boys, men and women, and represents a significant investment in coaching development.

Rookie Me, the AFL’s Official Coaching Technology Partner, has worked with AFL industry experts to produce the platform which closely aligns to the AFL Coaching curriculum and accreditation program.

“Coaches are the backbone of community football, and one of the AFL’s most important assets. The AFL continues to invest in tools to help coaches on their coaching journey. RM Coach is a significant investment in the future of coaching and will provide coaches at all levels with valuable support as they strive to get the best out of their teams,” said Andrew Dillon, AFL General Manager Game Development.

“We are facing unprecedented times this year as a football industry and the ability to have a new mobile coaching platform designed to provide remote learning and development is critical to maintaining momentum in coach evolution.”

As part of CoachAFL Membership, all accredited coaches will automatically receive access to the standard version of the platform through their CoachAFL accounts.

“Coaching has its rewards, but it also has its challenges. This platform will make it easier for all coaches to understand and teach the fundamentals of AFL,” said RM Coach Ambassador and Senior Coach of the Western Bulldogs, Luke Beveridge.

“The platform is world-class and caters for all levels of coaching. It will help coaches stay organised, educated and on top of their game and I encourage all community coaches to start using it.”

RM Coach can be tailored for each coach’s specific team requirements including age, skill and gender to ensure the right level of coaching for participants and the needs of the team is achieved.

“Currently, there is nothing like RM Coach available in the footy landscape – a digital coaching platform that aligns with AFL coaching curriculum. The AFL is at the forefront of coaching technology and innovation with this unique product,” said Adham Dimachki, CEO & Founder of Rookie Me.

“RM Coach will save time for parents or guardians, stepping into community football coaching roles— the platform is sophisticated enough to educate the coach on the ‘how-to’ coach, while providing education on coaching elements to achieve key outcomes, which players will achieve when attempting specific activities.”

About Rookie Me

CEO & Founder Adham Dimachki launched Rookie Me in 2012 with the purpose of changing the sports landscape for the better and ensuring that there was greater accessibility of coaching resources, development, education and opportunities throughout the sporting ecosystem. The RM Suite product offering is designed to connect the sporting community by helping clubs, teams and players optimise their management structure and achieve higher levels of performance and success, while creating sporting opportunities worldwide. Rookie Me's digital footprint will drive future innovation and revolutionise the sporting technology industry.