ESSENDON'S Next Generation Academy prospect Josh Eyre was a standout at last week's Vic Country NAB AFL Draft Combine.

While a pair of Sydney Academy prospects were also impressive at the New South Wales-ACT testing day over the weekend. 

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Eyre, who is a key position forward, can join the Bombers under NGA rules and showed his athleticism in last Friday's testing for Vic Country players in Bendigo. 

He finished second in the 2km time trial and 20-metre sprint, as well as runner up in the running and standing vertical jumps tests. At 2.89 seconds his sprint time put him into the elite for a prospect of his 197cm frame. 

Likely early selections Tanner Bruhn, Oliver Henry and Zach Reid were among the other Victorians who were able to test. 

In Sydney it was midfielder Errol Gulden who won the 2km time trial with a time of 6:32, while fellow Swans Academy prospect Braeden Campbell highlighted his brilliant speed with a time of 2.9 seconds in the sprint. 

Godfrey Okerenyang, who has an athletics background, also impressed in testing by blitzing the jumps and speed tests.

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Could this be Sydney's next Academy star?

Sydney Academy prospect Braeden Campbell could end up being an early pick in this year's NAB AFL Draft thanks to his brilliant speed and game-breaking abilities

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Vic Country NAB AFL Draft Combine top performers 

2km time trial
Ryan Angwin               6:11 minutes
Josh Eyre                     6:31
Nick Stevens               6:32
Charlie Lazzarro          6:39
Zach Reid                    6:39
Tanner Bruhn              6:40 

20m sprint
Seamus Mitchell         2.88 seconds
Josh Eyre                     2.89
Dominic Bedendo       2.95
Josh Treacy                 2.97
Nick Stevens               2.97
Blake Reid                   2.97

Running vertical jump (left)
Dominic Bedendo       99cm
Josh Eyre                     93
Oliver Lord                  82
Zach Reid                    82
Ryan Angwin               80
Oliver Henry                80 

Running vertical jump (right)
Seamus Mitchell         91cm
Josh Eyre                     87
Dominic Bedendo       83
Zach Reid                    82
Charlie Lazzarro          81 

NSW/ACT NAB AFL Draft Combine top performers

2km time trial
Errol Gulden                6:32 minutes
Harry Grant                 6:33
Sam Thorne                6:38
Reed Van Huisstede    6:44
Charlie Byrne              6:46 

Standing vertical jump
Godfrey Okerenyang 84cm
Pierce Roseby             76
Harry Grant                 70
Joshua Green              68
Sam Thorne                68
Nick Brewer                68

Running vertical jump
Godfrey Okerenyang  95cm
Pierce Roseby             91
Sam Gaden                  85
Joshua Green              80
Reed Van Huisstede    80
Nick Brewer                80
Lachlan McAndrew     80

Harry Grant                 8 seconds
Marc Sheather            8.23
Nick Brewer                8.42
Sam Frost                    8.46
Braeden Campbell      8.47 

20m sprint
Godfrey Okerenyang  2.86 seconds
Braeden Campbell      2.90
Marc Sheather            2.91
Nick Brewer                3.03
Sam Frost                    3.04