IT'S BEEN an extremely tough couple of years for the North Melbourne Football Club and's chief football correspondent Damian Barrett has been highly critical of the organisation, the board, and many of its off-field decisions.

In less than 24 months the club has had three coaches (including the recently appointed David Noble), stumbled down the ladder, and its 2020 annus horribilis - where it finished second bottom - ended with Rhyce Shaw's departure and the loss of some experienced and talented players.


In various column's in 2020, Barrett has called the club a "big mess", and an "embarrassment".

So what happened when Barrett interviewed the club's CEO Ben Amarfio?

Listen and find out ...

In this episode, Amarfio ...

2:31 - Admits to "self-inflicted" challenges

3:49 - Addresses injury issues, details a complete review, and feedback from medical experts

4:50 - Discusses his leadership style 

5:48 - Looks at "lack of experience" in key roles (new coach, new head of football, new CEO) and the impact that had

7:22 - Responds to questions about a "wasted year"

8:02 - Explains the lessons learnt from a tough season

9:17 - Discusses club finances, paying out staff, Rhyce Shaw settlement

10:25 - Talks to Rhyce Shaw's struggles

12:15 - Responds to early criticisms that support staff in the hub was "over the top"

14:02 - Explains why he didn't go to the hub, and the optics of that

15:46 - Explains the David Noble appointment, and the process

17:00 - Details why Noble got the nod

18:37 - Discusses Paul Roos fit into the North structure

21:31 - Responds to questions about club great Glenn Archer being "out of control" with hiring and firing

24:39 - Explains Jade Rawlings' departure after just one year

26:34 - Discusses Ben Buckley's ambitious call out that the club aims to be top four in 2-3 years

29:00 - Looks at losing Ben Brown

30:30 - Explains what North supporters can hope for from the NAB AFL Draft

31:39 - Details salary cap space, underspending on Total Player Payments, and how the club can carry an underspend to its advantage

32:56 - Says the club can go hard after free agent, discusses Giants gun mid Josh Kelly

33:38 - Explains North's plans for Tasmania, the club's cap on matches, and what would happen if the AFL wanted them to play more than the club cap

35:32 - Is asked about the "old North Melbourne crew" and the possibility of board challenges    

36:35 - Discusses the club's young players, "five Rising Star" nominees, plus recruit Jaidyn Stephenson