FOR THE past month a piece of Sydney Swans history has been created with an all-female trainer group for the club's AFL matches.

The female trainer group of Katherine Tapscott, Nicole Gunzburg, Lana Karam, Helena Setio and Maggie Parsons have led the way on matchdays over the past four rounds with sports trainer duties.

Women make a big contribution at all levels of the football club and the 'Advancement of Women' is a key pillar of the club's Diversity Action Plan (DAP).

The club is proud of the existing gender diversity and committed to creating even greater opportunities for women, as well as developing pathways to help female staff reach their aspirations.

Isaac Heeney of the Swans leaves the ground with an injury during round four, 2021. Picture: AFL Photos.

Medical services coordinator Katherine Tapscott, who started at the club this season and is responsible for managing the trainer group, said it was a "rewarding and special feeling" to be part of an all-female training group.

"It excites me to see more females in the sporting industry," Tapscott said.

"It was not my intention to have an all-female training group and I was not even aware of it until I was informed after the game.

"They are a highly skilled and experienced group of trainers."

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Tapscott said the group reflects well on the evolution of the industry, but more importantly on the 'Bloods' culture at the Sydney Swans.

"It makes me proud to be a part of a supportive and inclusive club," Tapscott said.

"I hope it inspires more females to work hard to achieve their goals and ignore any gender bias they may experience."