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In today's episode ... Nat and Damo discuss all the latest fallout at Collingwood after list boss Ned Guy's dramatic announcement yesterday that he is quitting the club. 

Damo and Nat also put the spotlight on North Melbourne, it's "embarrassing win-loss record", and wonder if the club is accepting its plight after David Noble's revelation that he's chasing "process" and not wins. 


The blockbuster between Richmond and Geelong, Dustin Martin's return, and electric small forwards are also one the menu, plus heaps more.


In this episode ...

0:29 Collingwood's 'tumultuous' 8-9 months

1:35 – Ned Guy's role in Collingwood's current predicament

2:50 – Why Guy needed better leadership from the club

4:26 – Damo says Jeff Browne is the right man to lead Collingwood

7:21 – Why David Noble desperately needs a win

9:59 – North needs to be better at selling hope to members

10:45 – Who is the most exciting small forward?

14:38 – Big inclusions ahead of the Geelong and Richmond blockbuster