IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards tackle all the big news after another dramatic day in football.

In this episode Nat and Damo take on the falling Hawks and the impact president Jeff Kennett has (and is having) on the club - including some of Jeff's "media diversions" and smokescreens.

Damo and Nat also put the spotlight on Carlton coach David Teague and how he categorically denied  - and in the process came across as unnecessarily dismissive - a newspaper report that suggested Patrick Cripps was not playing with a fractured back.


AFL chief Gillon McLachlan's comments about players walking away from a fight (that were at odds with Richmond coach Damien Hardwick's) are also on the menu, and there's heaps more too.


In this episode ...

0:32 – The highs and lows of Jeff Kennett's leadership

2:32 – Kennett "delusional" about how fast the Hawthorn's rebuild will take

5:32 – Kennett's feud with Daniel Andrews

6:40 – Kennett and Hawthorn's AFLW push

8:19 – Why David Teague needs "transparency" in the media

10:55 – Gillon McLachlan's take on the Bolton/Rioli nightclub incident

12:22 – Why Damien Hardwick should not be "conditional" about violence