IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards look at all the big news after another massive round of football.

In today's episode ... 

- Dogs v Demons, the battle of the 'rockstar' mids, the underrated star
- The massive loss for GWS that will end their finals race
-  The back-room operator at Collingwood who's going to take on the board


In this episode ...

0:26 – Nat and Damo compare the best two sides of 2021

3:13 – The Bulldogs' incredible midfield

4:54 – Melbourne's forward set up

6:14 – How do these midfields compare to some of the all-time greats

8:42 – How Toby Greene's absence rules GWS out of September

10:48 – Shane Mumford's importance

11:40 – Who is the Giants' captain without Coniglio, Davis, and Greene?

12:24 – Collingwood's Game of Thrones

13:36 – Jeff Browne should try to take control before a decision is made on Buckley