THE FINAL bye round is upon us and following the fixture change that saw the Eagles and Tigers swing their bye from round 13 to 14, Fantasy HQ has been good enough to give us an additional trade this week, which makes it four.

As far as strategy goes, the plan remains the same. We need to aim for at least 18 available players to take the field by removing players who have the upcoming bye for players who have already completed their bye.

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Try to avoid straight swapping premiums here - removing rookies or underperforming mid-pricers should be the priority.

Rant: Jordan 'DeGoat' De Goey finally hits some form for his tormented owners, only to cop a one-week suspension which will mean he is out for the next two. This put him back in his tradition position for the season, on the chopping block.

Round 14:
Crows, Saints, Swans, Pies, Dockers, Demons, Tigers, Eagles

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The Traders' round 13 Fantasy wrap

Josh Kelly was outstanding with 152 but Sean Darcy's 132 was even more important

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  • Joel Amartey (RUC/FWD, $261,000) +$61,000
  • Luke Edwards (MID, $241,000) +$52,000
  • Luke Foley (DEF, $230,000) +$52,000
  • Josh Treacy (FWD/RUC, $295,000) +$44,000
  • Zac Langdon (FWD, $365,000) +40,000


  • Hunter Clark (MID/DEF, $522,000) -$57,000
  • Jack Darling (FWD, $503,000) -$55,000
  • Patrick Dangerfield (FWD/MID, $698,000) -$50,000
  • Mitch Duncan (MID, $800,000) -$45,000
  • Matt Rowell (MID, $492,000) -$44,000


  • Jai Newcombe (MID, $208,000) - 15
  • Nick Bryan (RUC, $195,000) - 3
  • James Madden (DEF/FWD, $229,000) -1
  • Atu Bosenavulagi (DEF, $304,000) -1
  • Nick Shipley (MID, $187,000) 8


  • Mitch Duncan (MID, $800,000) 166
  • Patrick Dangerfield (FWD/MID, $698,000) 157
  • Stephen Coniglio (MID, $670,000) 157
  • Adam Treloar (MID, $692,000) 154
  • Andrew McGrath (MID, $607,000) 149

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Tom Mitchell
MID, $776,000
The Hawk Pig is as cheap as he will ever be and looks to be back in top form after the blip on the radar against the Suns prior to his bye. His 125 on the weekend came from 34 possessions and was his fourth game over 120 in his past six appearances.

Nick Haynes
DEF, $471,000
Unfortunately we aren't always in a position to pay top dollar for the in-form superstars of the competition so are forced to look for value. The GWS intercept specialist is well under-priced and looked to have played himself back into form against the Roos with 14 marks and 107.

Kyle Langford
MID/FWD, $663,000
If you are in the market for an under-priced and unique selection, look no further than the in-form Bomber. While all the talk has been about Darcy Parish, Langford has quietly put together a five-game stretch averaging 102, while going at 113 in his past three.

Also consider: Zac Williams, Marcus Bontempelli, Touk Miller


Mitch Duncan
MID, $800,000
It was tough going for coaches who held the superstar mid, as it was for those who paid top dollar for the returning Cat after he dished up just 71 from 20 possessions and 90 per cent game time. He has two tough match-ups ahead but will be back in top form before long.

Andrew Gaff
MID, $708,000
As frustrating as the Eagle endurance machine has been, we need to come out of the byes with a better side and removing rookies from the ground are more important than disappointing premiums. His 74 against the Tigers was his fourth game in a row below triple figures.

Tom Phillips
MID/FWD, $530,000
The Hawk recruit has found a way to hang around for a number of weeks despite his mediocre returns. This week is no different given the fixture change, leaving many coaches scrambling for 18 players this week. He was solid against the Swans with 80 points.

Also consider: Tom Highmore, Callum Coleman-Jones, Jacob Hopper


Ryan Byrnes
MID, $424,000
The Saint cash cow has been very serviceable and despite not being fully fattened, can be traded given the unique opportunity of having four trades this week. He has only dropped below 50 on one occasion in his first seven games.

Finlay Macrae
MID/FWD, $240,000
It is a good opportunity to get rid of some dead weight on your team and the Pie youngster is a prime example. Despite not being worth much more than a basement rookie, being able to replace him with a player who has had their bye and will generate cash is a win-win moving forward.

Hunter Clark
DEF, $522,000
Unfortunately the Saint defender, who showed some outstanding form prior to his bye, has to be traded following a nasty injury that will require surgery. Between rounds four and seven he showed his potential with three hundreds, including a top score of 113.

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Bone-crunching hit forces Clark from the field

A bone-crunching bump from David Mackay has seen Hunter Clark come off second best as he was eventually subbed out

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Also consider: Lachie Sholl, Ronin O'Connor, Jordan De Goey

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