TOM ROCKLIFF has criticised North Melbourne coach Brad Scott over their on-field confrontation in the wake of Saturday night's four-point win by the Brisbane Lions at the Gabba.

The North Melbourne coach was seen having tense words with Rockliff on-field in the moments after the upset win.

This came on the back of a more heated exchange between the Lions' vice-captain and Kangaroo veteran Brent Harvey.

While Rockliff said he might choose to do things differently with Harvey next time, he thought Scott's approach was poorly timed, particularly as retired champion Jonathan Brown was making a presentation.

"He had his opinion on it, that's fine," Rockliff said at Lions recovery on Sunday morning.

"(I was) A little bit surprised. I think a different time probably to do it … when Browny was receiving his jumper I don't think it was a really good time, but that was his call."

Scott's confrontation with Rockliff also drew criticism from former Lions premiership coach Leigh Matthews, who said the Kangaroos' mentor had made an error in judgement.
"I don’t think it was Brad's call to have any interaction with an opposition player," Matthews, who is a Lions board member, told Channel Seven's Game Day.
"I think that's a big mistake."

In the post-match press conference Scott was reserved but still took a little swipe at Rockliff.

"My take on it is there's humble in victory and gracious in defeat," Scott said.

Rockliff said his exchange with Harvey was "heat of the moment" and he might have got carried away.

"We haven't had many wins this year and anything to get excited about. It was a spur of the moment thing and the game was on the line right until the end," he said.

"A few words were exchanged, but that's footy and I think everyone makes mistakes and you learn from it and move on.

"You don't want to be a pushover all the time, so you've got to stand your ground sometimes and I think we did that in the last five minutes to hold them at bay."