IT IS officially AFL Fantasy Draft season. Thousands of leagues around the country are gearing up for the first bounce of 2017, holding their drafts for what is set to be a huge season ahead.

Fantasy Draft is the exciting game where every player is unique. A league of coaches take it in turns to draft a squad of defenders, midfielders, rucks and forward – once a player is selected, they are off the table. Fantasy Pig Tom Rockliff can only be owned by one coach.


It’s the thinking coach’s game, where your true Fantasy knowledge is on show.

On draft day (or night), coaches get together online from all over the world, with the goal of putting together the best team possible when your pick comes around.

Commissioners have the ability to select how your league is structured. There are many settings available, from number of coaches and squad size through to how your initial draft will run, including how long you have to make each pick.

Being prepared is one of the keys to a successful draft and, ultimately, the season.

Calvin names his Fantasy breakout players

This pre-season, The Traders have done a lot of the heavy lifting by once again putting together the 2017 AFL Fantasy Draft Kit. This 16-page guide aims to help you rise above the pressure on draft day and make every selection count with stats and advice directly from Fantasy HQ.

Strategy, tips, potential steals and sleepers are covered as well as a look at how the first round is likely to play out.

Fantasy form watch: JLT round one

Roy, Calvin and Warnie, along with some self-proclaimed experts from the office at HQ, sat around a boardroom table and completed a mock draft. There was a flurry of activity with pages of notes, spreadsheets and of course game faces on with 144 players being taken from the draft board in a couple of hours of power. Get inside the minds of the eight coaches and see exactly where certain players, and from what positions, they were selected.

The best players in each position have been ranked by their projected average. Included is the games played and their average from the past two seasons for the 230 ranked players.

Finally, the rankings cheat sheet provides a handy one-page guide that you can have next to you on draft day for quick reference.