WHILE a number of stars were missing due to isolation, a handful of prized recruits acted like they were under the same restrictions and did their best to avoid going near the ball … especially in the late game on Sunday.

Hopefully you were able to avoid the carnage and are set for the first round of finals this week in the top eight! Not the bottom eight (Tit-Ed Cup) like me.

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Strategically, it should be business as usual this week in regard to trading, obviously trying to maximise points and get the W. What has become apparent and caused a shift in mindset for many coaches of late is the strategy to remove rookies from the ground ASAP has cooled due to players like Jeremy Sharp (MID, $474,000) and Lachlan Bramble (MID/FWD, $414,000) comfortably outscoring so-called seasoned performers on a weekly basis in their respective positions.

With their competitive scores and low breakevens, they deserve to keep playing so removing under-performers with some cash on their head like Shai Bolton (MID/FWD, $599,000) looks like a genuine option.

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The Traders' round 19 Fantasy wrap

It was a tough week for Roy while Calvin and Warnie try to work out what they do with Pendles

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  • Jeremy Sharp (MID, $474,000) +75,000
  • Lachlan Bramble (MID/FWD, $414,000) +$52,000
  • Oliver Henry (FWD, $297,000) +$49,000
  • Harry Shoenberg (FWD/MID, $527,000) +$46,000
  • Brayden Fiorini (MID, $724,000) +45,000


  • Jared Polec (MID, $534,000) -$68,000
  • Jarrod Berry (MID, $439,000) -$61,000
  • Dylan Shiel (MID, $664,000) -$58,000
  • Oleg Markov (DEF, $480,000) -$52,000
  • Marc Murphy (MID, $373,000) -$48,000


  • Max Lynch (RUC/FWD, $229,000) - 11
  • Sam Durham (DEF/MID, $221,000) - 8
  • Oliver Henry (FWD, $297,000) -7
  • Trey Ruscoe (FWD $262,000) -7
  • Nick Bryan (RUC, $195,000) -5


  • Mitch Duncan (MID, $714,000) 197
  • Tom Rockliff (MID, $818,000) 186
  • Zach Merrett (MID, $839,000) 161
  • Dylan Shiel (MID, $664,000) 155
  • Darcy Parish (MID, $815,000) 152


Rowan Marshall
RUC/FWD, $584,000
After scoring 122 and getting his time on ground back to where coaches want it, the prime trade target was whacked with a period of isolation. That time is served and the big fella is back on the radar. He is the pick of the cheap guys for a Scott Pendlebury replacement and has a BE of just 54.

Lachie Whitfield
MID/DEF, $710,000
The Giants' running machine didn't miss a beat in his return from concussion, scoring a season-high 132. Despite the thumping score, he still dropped $11k due to his huge BE and is now an under-priced premium target. He has an ownership of just 13 per cent and is a player you want to have in the pursuit of premiership glory.

Patrick Dangerfield
FWD/MID, $729,000
The Cats superstar had a massive first half against the Tigers before finishing the game on 118 which gives him an elite average of 109 in the past five weeks. He has a high ownership of 31 per cent but for that price, with a BE of just 85, he is too good to say no, despite his growing popularity.

Also consider: Brayden Fiorini, Clayton Oliver, Finlay Macrae.

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Midfield Danger unstoppable again

Patrick Dangerfield continues to relish more midfield minutes with another best-on-ground performance in his side's comfortable win

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Zach Merrett
MID, $839,000
What a massive letdown, especially for those who had him captain. After a good first quarter scoring 30, he went missing for the remainder of the game, barely being sighted before finishing on 64. He now has a BE of 161 and surely has some fire in the belly to make up for that game.  He dropped $33k.

Lachie Neale
MID, $723,000
If it's not an injury, it's a bad score at the moment and this is starting to wear thin for his owners. Neale is now carrying a three-game average of 93 following his disappointing score of 76. He has a great run of games over the next four weeks and should turn his poor scoring around against the Hawks who allow plenty of points to mids.

Darcy Parish
MID, $815,000
Opposition teams have quickly worked out that if you let Parish do what he wants, he will get a heap of it and have a big influence on the game. If you pay him some attention, his influence can be curbed quite dramatically. Twice in the last two weeks he has been tagged to under 70.

Also consider: Tim Taranto, Sam Walsh, Christian Salem.


Scott Pendlebury
MID/FWD, $600,000
After a lightning start for the Pies skipper against the Power, he was involved in an unfortunate clash, causing a break to the leg that will keep him out for the remainder of the season. He has been a very popular selection following the addition of forward status and it will be interesting to see if that remains in 2022.

Nick Haynes
DEF, $523,000
Despite a favourable match-up, and taking eight marks, Haynes was still unable to tick over a reasonable score, reaching just 60. He has a three-game average of 57 and doesn't look like reaching a decent score anytime soon so must be moved on … even before rookies. He has a BE of 104 and a diminishing ownership of just six per cent.

Shai Bolton
MID/FWD, $559,000
Apologies for suggesting that Bolton was a good option for cash-starved coaches who needed to get rid of Dusty. He had his worst score for 13 weeks, managing just four kicks on his way to a very disappointing 44. What was thought to be a bargain, dropped $25k and now has a BE of 101.

Also consider:  Brad Crouch, Nick Hind, Matt Kennedy.

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