NEW Augmented Reality Stats Tracker – All you need to know!

Launching just in time for the 2021 Toyota AFL Finals Series, you can now check out team and player stats in Augmented Reality with our new AR Stats Tracker available via the latest AFL Live Official App update.

AR allows you to add digital content via your mobile camera to the physical world around you and for AR Stats Tracker, we are giving you the opportunity to drop Optus Stadium or the Gabba on to your coffee table and view stats in a way that you've never been able to view them before.


What can you view in AR? 

For launch, at the completion of each quarter, you’ll be able to view:

Team Stats

  • Shots at Goal– see where a team has had all their shots at goal from
  • Kick-ins – see where a team has kicked the ball from a kick-in
  • Inside 50's - see how a team is moving the ball inside attacking 50. 

Player Stats

  • Disposal charts– see where any player has picked up their disposals and where they have ended up
  • Kicks and Handballs - understand which were effective or ineffective.
  • Shots at Goal
  • Kick in's

You’ll also be able to filter all these stats by quarter via the hamburger menu in the top left of the AR screen. 

How to use AR Stats Tracker:

Launch the AR experience from the brand-new AR Hub via a tile on the Home Screen or through the Match Centre and it will appear on your phone with the backdrop of wherever you’re pointing the phone at the time. Once you have found a flat surface, tap on the screen and you’ll see a 3D field appear .

You can then pinch to pan and zoom, use two fingers to spin the field or move the field to a different position in your lounge room as you now view stats from all different angles and vantage points. You can also tap on the different team, player and drop down menus to delve deeper in to player and team stats.

The power of Telstra’s 5G network unlocks the ultimate AR experience thanks to low latency transference of data which will bring you closer to the action faster than ever before.  

With innovation as the centrepiece of our digital strategy, and technology expanding and changing rapidly, we’re really excited to offer fans the chance to play around with AR Stats Tracker and we look forward to adding many more layers to this over the next 12 months.