HERE are the best 40 players in the 2021 NAB AFL Draft Pool. recently released its Phantom Form Guide ranking the best 25 prospects, but on this week's episode of Road to the Draft, Cal Twomey lists the next 15 prospects climbing up the draft ranks.

Tune in to the latest episode of the podcast for all the latest draft news, as well as an interview with South Adelaide midfielder Arlo Draper, who shapes as a likely first-round draftee.

Tune in for the latest in the world of the draft, trade and player movement space as draft prospects, club list managers and recruiters join Cal Twomey and Nat Edwards for exclusive interviews.

This week's episode guide…

0:45 – We go in-depth on the four tall forward prospects who enjoyed big games in Western Australia last weekend and an update on the NAB AFL Under-19 Championships.

3:30 – Which Victorian prospects will be playing this week in the NAB League?

5:50 – Cal breaks down the top flight of the draft class this season with a closer look at the top-10 chances.

8:30 – Which players need big national carnivals to boost their chances of being an early pick?

10:00 – We name the top-40 players in the draft pool and the prospect with great bloodlines who is shooting up the ranks.

14:15 – South Adelaide midfielder Arlo Draper joins the show for a chat.

19:00 – Draper discusses his ideal position and why he's trying to lose some of his "strut".

22:05 – What's it like being a teammate of potential No.1 pick Jason Horne-Francis?

23:30 – Draper talks through the club interest he has had and how he would fare moving out of South Australia.

28:00 – Why Draper is aiming for an AFL first.