IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards discuss all the big trade news, and join all the dots on footy's big issues.


- The 'left-field development' of the Bobby Hill trade request
- 'If Adrian Dodoro's involved, it'll come down to the wire'
- Port 'want him out, there's no two ways about it'
- 'The bidders are not knocking the door down' for this big Pie
- Hawthorn: 'I still feel there's something about to drop of a reasonably significant nature'
- Why North should have considered Adelaide's offer for pick 1

In this episode ... 

0:29 – Bobby Hill requests a trade to the Bombers

2:25 – The 'ruck merry-go-round' cranks up

3:40 – The players Port Adelaide are shopping around

5:30 – Will Sydney and Adelaide come to an agreement on Jordan Dawson?

6:28 – Some of the other possibilities in the final days of the Trade Period

8:34 – Tim O’Brien speaks about the Clarkson-Mitchell coaching handover

10:25 – Hawthorn’s plans for its senior players

13:00 – North Melbourne reject multiple offers for the No.1 draft pick, but is it the right call?