WORLD Anti-Doping Agency chief John Fahey has no issue with the AFL's decision to charge Essendon staff with bringing the game into disrepute before players have been handed possible infraction notices.

AFL general counsel Andrew Dillon announced on Tuesday night that coach James Hird and key football staff members Mark Thompson, Danny Corcoran and Dr Bruce Reid had been charged in relation to the Bombers' 2011-12 supplements program.    

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Dillon said no infraction notices would be issued to players under the AFL Anti-Doping Code "at the present time".

Fahey said the AFL had acted under its own code of conduct and the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority's investigation was a separate matter.  

"I have no issue with what the AFL has said," Fahey told on Tuesday night.  

"They indicate there's no infraction notices to be issued against Essendon players on the basis of the information available at the present time.

"Therefore this is a matter for the AFL under their code of conduct.

"They have made their decisions and it is up to them from this point on. What happens with ASADA is a matter for ASADA."

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