ADELAIDE chairman Rob Chapman has committed to acting on the findings of a high-powered external review of his underperforming club.

Chapman said a four-person panel would be empowered to analyse the Crows, who have failed to make the finals the past two seasons, "from top to bottom".

Jonah Oliver, the lead sports psychologist with the Australian Institute of Sport, and sports scientist Tim Gabbett are two members of the panel, while the other two are yet to be announced.

"We want to get to the bottom of our on-field performances … they haven't been what we wanted," Chapman told

Asked what the review meant for coach Don Pyke, who has two years remaining on a contract, Chapman said: "Any statement from me on anything now would be to pre-empt the review.

"I came out publicly (last week) and backed the coach and Brett Burton (Crows head of football), and I make no apologies for that because I will back our people until we reach a point where change needs to be made.

"I will continue to back our people."

Adelaide lost its final three matches of 2019 to finish 11th with 10 wins. It won two more matches last year and finished 12th.

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"The review will collect the data, then it will collate the data, and it will allow us to get to the bottom of whether we need to change property, personnel or system," Chapman said.

"I'm very happy to be judged on the findings of the panel. In fact, hold me accountable to making the changes needed, and every single one of us is open to those changes.

"We all want what is in the best interests of the football club."

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