THEY STRIKE fear into some coaches, but for others, they relish the challenge. The 2022 bye rounds are here and things are changed up in Toyota AFL Fantasy Classic and coaches need to adapt.

Three trades can be made each week between rounds 12-14 and only your best 18 scorers count.

Many leagues choose to not play their head-to-head match-ups during this three-week stretch but the overall competition for glory – and chasing the Toyota HiLux – continues.

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It can be an opportunity to climb the rankings a coaches aim to come out of the other side of the byes with a better team.

Roy, Calvin and Warnie chat through their trades and the different strategies that can be employed this week and beyond on the latest episode of the Official AFL Fantasy Podcast.

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In this week’s episode …

2:00 - Warnie was the top scorer of the round.

4:30 - It was a tough watch for those who traded Nic Martin in the final game of round 11 with his 113.

8:45 - Christian Petracca had the flu on Saturday and dropped 40 points.

13:00 - 23 new DPPs were added to the game.

15:15 - Illness took Nick Blakey down and moved Callum Mills to the backline.

19:20 - Braydon Preuss didn't have a big game in the VFL.

24:00 - Bye round rules are discussed.

29:00 - You have the green light in the byes to cut under-performing premiums such as Tom Green... and maybe Patrick Cripps.

33:00 - The Traders chat through some rookies to consider this week.

36:30 - Is Jed Anderson an option after racking up 149?

38:15 - Could spending $588k on Jackson Hately be a good play through the byes?

40:00 - Tim English is the most traded in player so far this week.

41:20 - Roy, Calvin and Warnie reveal their early trades.

42:30 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

44:20 - Tom Mitchell is a good play for this week as his career average is 130 from nine games against Collingwood.

47:15 - Don't be greedy trying to have too many players playing each week.

52:30 - We can give Dayne Zorko until his bye despite his poor performances.

56:50 - Who are the best targets for next week?

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