FORMER Adelaide forward Josh Jenkins claims leaders of the Crows' infamous pre-season camp preyed on players with traumatic upbringings, and claimed a report about the welfare of players was buried.

Jenkins is the first former Crows player to publicly back up AFL legend Eddie Betts' version of events after the release of his autobiography this week.

The 33-year-old, who retired last year after a stint with Geelong, described the 2018 camp on the Gold Coast as "dumb" and "disgraceful".

Josh Jenkins celebrates a goal during round 17, 2017. Picture: AFL Photos

"Each player was scolded with abuse and physicality so they’d be physically and emotionally worn out," Jenkins read out in a statement on SEN on Friday.

"My childhood is a source of shame, pain and pride... I am proud of I am where I am today despite any potential hurdles thrown my way as a young person, but I will always have the pain of not having a family to lean on in tough times or to celebrate with on celebratory occasions.

"This is where I’m happy to try and explain why some rituals were confronting and some were ‘nothing to see here’ and easily moved on from for others.

"In my view, the boys who had had a more ‘normal’ or traditional upbringing without any real trauma or tragedy in their lives had very little to be poked and prodded about."

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Jenkins believes he and Betts were targeted after they revealed personal information to the camp's leaders.

"Those - like me, Eddie and perhaps others - had experienced different things that were more raw when focused on - especially when we’d been assured, essentially promised, nothing like this would be raised," Jenkins said.

Josh Jenkins and Eddie Betts celebrate a goal for Adelaide against the Bulldogs in 2017. Picture: AFL Photos

Jenkins said he was distraught when sensitive information about his childhood and upbringing were brought up in front of teammates.

"I recall some of the barbs thrown at Eddie - and others - and recall glaring at one of our coaches who quickly picked up my emotions.

"Everyone went through the ritual and on the last morning, we had a relaxed discussion with the facilitators - which is also when we were told how to discuss what we’d done with our teammates and family members.

"I distinctly recall the role playing on what to say to partners and teammates."

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Jenkins claimed personal and sensitive information about his upbringing was used against him by the leaders of the camp.

"I specifically asked for assurance that nothing regarding my childhood would be raised or used on the camp to spur me on or to break you down," Jenkins said.

"It is my belief that this promise was broken, and I'm not certain that I'll ever forgive the individuals involved for that.

"Post the camp, the club completely fell apart.

"It's the worst idea I've ever witnessed or been a part of in my adult life."

(L-R): Daniel Talia, Josh Jenkins, Hugh Greenwood and Tom Lynch sing the Adelaide team song after a win during round 17, 2017. Picture: AFL Photos

Jenkins said club doctor Marc Cesana had written a "damning" report based on what players told him had happened at the camp.

"No one has ever acted on that report, which I know is damning.

"The report must see the light of day.

"It’s the only example of a medical professional who had day-to-day dealings with the people and the players involved.

"I recall, during one meeting, our doctor expressed in front of the entire playing group and most the staff that what occurred on then camp was totally unacceptable - and I know the report captures that."

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He also said his wife remained "devastated" and "furious" about how their time in Adelaide ended.

Jenkins said he was ostracised at the Crows after demanding all players and staff explain to each other what had happened on the camp.

"In the end, I was moved on from the Crows as a problem child, an argument starter and even in one piece of literature I saw labelling me as 'cancerous'," Jenkins said.

"The only cancer at the club was the idea that taking us on a psychologically unsafe camp that was supposedly going to make us better parents, siblings and teammates.

"I suppose overcoming the loss of your senior coach to a senseless murder and making the finals two months later and making a grand final two years later was not enough."

Eddie Betts and Josh Jenkins celebrate a goal during round 19, 2015. Picture: AFL Photos

Adelaide went on the camp just months after their shock 2017 grand final loss against Richmond.

The Crows have not played finals since and are going through a long rebuild under coach Matthew Nicks, who arrived at the club ahead of the 2020 season.

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