Jake Gasper, Cody Szust and their Port Melbourne teammates will be hoping to mark the Borough's 2550th VFA/VFL game with a win over Frankston on Saturday. Picture: Morgan Hancock/AFL Photos

JUST one week behind after nearly 150 years of being archrivals, Port Melbourne is set to join Williamstown on 2550 VFA/VFL matches in their Smithy’s VFL standalone showdown against Frankston at ETU Stadium on Saturday.

The Borough, who are also set to mark captain Tom O’Sullivan’s 151st VFL game in front of his home crowd after he reached the 150 milestone on the Gold Coast before their bye a fortnight ago, will be hoping for a much better outcome than the fate that befell the Seagulls in their 2550th game last week – a record-breaking loss to Collingwood.

Port boasts an impressive 1511 wins, 988 losses and 50 draws in its VFA/VFL history at 60.26% and a league record 17 premierships, and it will have extra motivation to succeed and avenge the 95-point caning they received from the Dolphins in their last meeting at Skybus Stadium 13 months ago.

Jacob Heron, Michael Selsby and the Sharks will play their 200th NEAFL/VFL game in Saturday's Coast Clash against the Suns. Picture: Kelly Defina/AFL Photos

It’s also a big weekend for Southport when it aims to break a two-match losing run in Saturday’s Coast Clash against Gold Coast at Metricon Stadium, with the Sharks to run out for their 200th NEAFL/VFL match with a strong 115-84 record behind it so far.

And Casey Demons have more reason to climb to 17-0 for the season as captain Mitch White celebrates his 100th VFL game in their Channel 7 clash against Carlton at Casey Fields on Sunday.

Last week, the Brisbane Lions recorded their 50th NEAFL/VFL home win when they held off Werribee, Sydney broke 133 and 127-year-old records against North Melbourne, the Kangaroos snapped their own 127-year scoring mark against the Swans and Richmond knocked off a 115-year-old mark against the Northern Bullants.

Meanwhile, Chris Burgess and Fergus Greene will go toe to toe for the Frosty Miller Medal in the last two games, with both hoping to become the first VFL player to kick 50 goals in a season since Port Melbourne’s Dean Galea did it way back in 2013.

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Chris Burgess is in the running for Gold Coast's first Frosty Miller Medal. Picture: Chris Hyde/Getty Images via AFL Photos

44 Chris Burgess (GC) bye
44 Fergus Greene (Box) 2
36 Ben Cavarra (Box) 3
32 Ben Crocker (Car) bye
32 Sam Day (GC) bye
30 Joel Amartey (Syd) 3
29 Mitch Brown (Cas) bye
29 Jacob Townsend (Sou) bye
28 Shannon Neale (Gee) dnp
Jacob van Rooyen (Cas) bye
27 Billy Gowers (Sou) bye
Joel Ottavi (Wil) 4
Hudson Garoni (Wer) 1
25 Kade Chandler (Cas) bye
25 Sam Fowler (Col) dnp
24 Kaine Baldwin (Ess) 2
24 Jack Boyd (NB) 0
24 Noah Cumberland (Ric) dnp

Box Hill's Fergus Greene is the other player chasing Frosty. Picture: Darrian Traynor/AFL Photos

24 Josh Schache (Foo) 7
Alex Sexton (GC) bye
Ned Cahill (Car) bye
Ollie Henry (Col) 3
Max Pescud (Sou) bye
Matt Signorello (PM) bye
Jean-Luc Velissaris (NB) 1
Jake Gasper (PM) bye
Bailey Laurie (Cas) bye
Shaun Mannagh (Wer) 0
Blake Coleman (BL) 1
Ben Ronke (Syd) dnp
Mat Walker (NM) dnp



  • 50 VFL matches: Aaron Francis (Essendon) 28 goals. Shaun Mannagh (Werribee/Richmond) 60 goals
  • 50 NEAFL/VFL matches: Joel Amartey (Sydney) 39 goals (36 N/14 V)
  • 100 NEAFL/VFL goals: Billy Murphy (Northern Bullants/Aspley/Box Hill Hawks) 71 matches (39 N/61 V)
  • 50 VFL goals: Josh Schache (Footscray) 26 matches (in Round 11)
Northern Bullant Billy Murphy kicked his 100th NEAFL/VFL goal against Richmond last Sunday. Picture: Kelly Defina/AFL Photos


  • Williamstown played its 2550th VFA/VFL match (1376-1124-50)
  • Werribee played its 500th VFL era match (290-208-2)
  • Brisbane Lions played their 200th NEAFL/VFL match (114-84-2)
  • GWS played its 100th NEAFL/VFL home match (57-42-1)
  • Brisbane Lions recorded their 50th NEAFL/VFL home win (50-31-2)
  • Sydney extended its undefeated run v North Melbourne to 127 years (last loss August 17, 1895)
  • Box Hill Hawks extended their winning streak v Frankston to 16 1/2 in a row (last loss June 24, 2007)
  • Brisbane Lions v Werribee happened for the first time (1-0)
  • Collingwood defeated Williamstown for the first time since the 2016 Qualifying Final (3 losses)
  • Footscray defeated Coburg for the sixth time in a row (last loss July 2, 2016)
  • GWS v Essendon happened for the first time (0-1)
  • Richmond took the lead v Northern Bullants at Preston City Oval (2-1)
  • Sydney squared its VFL win-loss record (13-13)


(Figures in brackets are the previous record)

  • 13.17 95 Sydney's highest score v North Melbourne (10.11, Lake Oval, 1895; 6.11, Arden St, 1889)
  • 11.9 75 North Melbourne's highest score v Sydney (6.6, 1895)
  • 21.10 136 Richmond's highest score v Northern Bullants (19.14 128, MCG, 2019; 16.21 117, Preston City Oval, 1907)
  • 22.8 140 Collingwood's highest score at Olympic Park (19.18 132 v Coburg, August 6, 2016)
  • 22.8 140 Collingwood's highest score v Williamstown (16.10 106, Victoria Park, 2010; 13.8 86, Olympic Park, 2016)
  • 78 Collingwood's biggest win at Olympic Park (62 v Coburg, August 6, 2016)
  • 78 Collingwood's biggest win v Williamstown (46, Princes Park, 2016 QF; 5, Olympic Park, 2016)
  • 24.14 158 Footscray's highest score v Coburg (18.9 117, 2017)
  • 123 Footscray's biggest win v Coburg (81, 2018)
  • 9.8 62 Williamstown's lowest score v Collingwood at Olympic Park (12.9 81, 2016)


(Round 20 total: 5. Season total: 297. NEAFL games counted)

  • Collingwood (18): Liam Purcell
  • Geelong (26): Tom Lovell, Osca Riccardi
  • GWS (21): Nick Madden
  • Williamstown (13): Jordan Davey


(Round 20 total: 7. Season total: 253. NEAFL goals counted)

  • Essendon (22): Ewan Mackinlay (3rd)
  • Frankston (9): Taine Barlow (14th)
  • Geelong (16): James Willis (3rd), Paul Tsapatolis (10th)
  • North Melbourne (16): Tarryn Thomas (4th)
  • Sydney (12): Kaelan Bradtke (2nd)
  • Williamstown (11): Fraser Phillips (8th)
After 14 games, Frankston's Taine Barlow finally has his first VFL goal after hitting the target against Box Hill Hawks last week. Picture: Jonathan DiMaggio/AFL Photos


  • 2550 VFA/VFL matches: Port Melbourne (1511-988-50)
  • 200 NEAFL/VFL matches: Southport (115-84)


  • 350 VFA/VFL losses: North Melbourne (447-349-69)
  • 100 VFA/VFL away wins: Carlton (99-96-15)
  • 50 VFA/VFL away losses: Sydney (77-49-24)
  • 100 VFL matches: Mitch White (Casey Demons) 67 goals
  • 100 NEAFL/VFL matches: Nil
  • 50 VFL matches: Nil
  • 50 NEAFL/VFL matches: Nil
  • 150 NEAFL/VFL goals: Mitch Johnson (Southport) needs 4
  • 100 VFL goals: Wylie Buzza (Brisbane Lions/Werribee/Geelong) needs 1; Billy Gowers (Southport/Footscray/Northern Bullants) needs 4
  • 100 NEAFL/VFL goals: Mike Manteit (Southport/Sydney Uni/Sydney/Collingwood) needs 7
  • 50 VFL goals: Jed Anderson (North Melbourne/Box Hill Hawks) needs 1; Matt Hanson (Werribee) needs 1; Joe Maishman (Werribee) needs 2; Bayley Fritsch (Casey Demons) needs 4; Mitch Wooffindin (Port Melbourne) needs 4; Dan Butler (Sandringham/Richmond/North Ballarat) needs 5; Paddy McCartin (Sydney/Essendon/Sandringham) needs 5; Matt Signorello (Port Melbourne) needs 5; Chris Burgess (Gold Coast) needs 6; Hudson Garoni (Werribee) needs 6; James Stewart (Essendon) needs 6; Kade Chandler (Casey Demons) needs 8.
  • 50 NEAFL/VFL goals: Sam Wicks (Sydney/Brisbane Lions) needs 2; Chris Burgess (Gold Coast) needs 5; Tom Fullarton (Brisbane Lions) needs 5; Alex Sexton (Gold Coast) needs 6; Reuben William (Werribee/Footscray/Brisbane Lions) needs 6

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