A Calder Cannons prospect and a Geelong father-son contender were among the leading performers at the Melbourne-based 2022 NAB AFL State Draft Combine on Sunday.

The Melbourne-based State Combine featured 44 players from Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT who didn't receive an invite to the 2022 NAB AFL Draft Combine.

Calder Cannons utility Rye Penny was a standout and topped the field in the standing vertical jump and running vertical jump, as well as the 20m sprint.

Penny’s effort of 89cm on the standing vertical jump equalled the all-time Combine record set by Aidan Bonar at the 2017 NAB AFL Draft Combine. However, Penny’s name won’t be added to the record books as only results recorded at the National Combine are listed in the all-time best results.

Osca Riccardi, whose father Peter played 288 AFL games for the Cats, took out the 2km time trial with a time of 6:17.

Matthew Payne of the Western Jets topped the agility test with a time of 7.713 seconds, which was just slightly behind the all-time record set by Darcy Jones at the National Combine earlier in the day.

Below are the top-three results from the 2022 NAB AFL State Draft Combine (Melbourne) testing.


2km Time Trial
1. Osca Riccardi (Geelong Falcons/Newton & Chilwell) – 6:17 minutes
2. Charlie Barnett (Bendigo Pioneers/Kyabram) – 6:22
3. Harvey Gallagher (Bendigo Pioneers/Sandhurst) – 6:27

20m Sprint
1. Rye Penny (Calder Cannons/Gisborne) – 2.843 seconds
2. Matthew Payne (Western Jets/Spotswood) – 2.875
3. Will Edwards (Sydney Swans Academy/Manly Warringah) – 2.876

1. Matthew Payne (Western Jets/Spotswood) – 7.713 seconds
2. Hugo Nosiara (Dandenong Stingrays/Mt Eliza) – 8.098
3. Harvey Gallagher (Bendigo Pioneers/Sandhurst) – 8.117

Standing Vertical Jump
1. Rye Penny (Calder Cannons/Gisborne) – 89cm
2. Harvey Gallagher (Bendigo Pioneers/Sandhurst) – 80
=3. Joe Richards (Wangaratta Magpies) – 72
=3. Beau Tedcastle (GWV Rebels/St Mary’s) – 72

Running Vertical Jump
1. Rye Penny (Calder Cannons/Gisborne) – 104cm
2. Harvey Gallagher (Bendigo Pioneers/Sandhurst) – 89
=3. Paul Pascu (Calder Cannons/Oak Park) – 87
=3. Joe Richards (Wangaratta Magpies) – 87
=3. Beau Tedcastle (GWV Rebels/St Mary's) – 87

State Combines will also be held in Adelaide and Perth next weekend. The details for the remaining two State Combines are:

Date: Saturday October 15
Venue: UniSA Mawson Lakes from 10:00am to 12:30pm
Venue: Bridgestone Athletics Track from 1:00pm

Date: Sunday October 16
Venue: Gold Netball Centre from 11:30am to 1:30pm
Venue: Ern Clark Athletic Track from 3:00pm (2km time trial)