Sam Taylor shows his frustration during Greater Western Sydney's clash against Geelong in round eight, 2022. Picture: Getty Images

A 50m penalty will no longer be paid if a player fakes a handball while behind the mark, drawing their opponent off their position.

It's one of three tweaks to rule interpretations that have been made ahead of the 2023 Toyota AFL Premiership Season, with the League aiming to simplify the game for officiating, minimising delays and reducing player exploitation of rules.

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The modification expected to have the greatest impact on games is around drawing a 50m penalty with a fake handball, a move used by players last season, when they would goad their opponent into moving off the mark before play on was called.

In the video below, Brisbane captain Dayne Zorko gives away a 50m penalty after moving off the mark as St Kilda forward Jack Higgins shaped to handball. This will no longer result in a 50m penalty.


Additionally, players have to make an immediate decision regarding the 5m protected area. When a player is penalised for giving away a free kick or loses a marking contest, they must stand the mark or immediately leave the protected area.

In the video below, Collingwood star Darcy Moore is not in the contest but opts to enter the protected area. He must stand the mark. The example below would now result in a 50m penalty as he has left the area after initially deciding to enter. 


The third change will see players no longer given an alert by umpires at the 15-second mark of their set shot, instead receiving just a warning at 25 seconds. Players are allowed 30 seconds to start their set-shot approach.