David Astbury – 7
Part of a great defensive unit. Locked down on Jeremy Finlayson for most of the day, keeping the Giant to a paltry one touch. Dropping into the hole in front of Jeremy Cameron to take an intercept mark typified his performance. 

Liam Baker – 6
Was busy at half-back and clean with most of his 12 disposals. Spent time on speedster Brent Daniels and even had moments on Toby Greene. Helped supply plenty of overlap run.

Shai Bolton – 5
Not called on to do a whole heap. Forward-half pressure was immense and his great first-quarter tackle to win the ball back for the Tigers led to Dustin Martin's first goal. Kicked a goal of his own in the fourth term to cap a solid game. 

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Nathan Broad – 6
Played his role superbly. Was responsible for Harry Himmelberg and, while the Giant came up the ground to get some touches after half-time, really minimised his influence. An early spoil on Jeremy Cameron when he had no right to influence the contest help set the tone.

Josh Caddy – 6
Did a little bit of everything. Finished with 19 disposals but it was his pressure that stood out, with a game-high 25 pressure acts and his six tackles had real impact. Formed a great partnership with Bolton and Daniel Rioli to keep the ball locked in forward of centre. 

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Jason Castagna – 6
What could have been for Castagna! In general play he was electric, creating havoc with his run-and-carry around half-forward, but when the goals confronted him, things went awry. The nippy forward kicked 0.5 and missed everything with another shot early in the third quarter. Threatened to be one of the game's best players but ultimately let himself down with his finishing. 

Trent Cotchin – 5
A workmanlike performance from the skipper, but not much more. A final-quarter goal was his highlight to go along with 15 touches, two clearances and two tackles. 

Shane Edwards – 7
Capped a great finals series with another excellent performance. Edwards became more influential as the match wore on, mixing pressure – a bone-rattling tackle on Toby Greene the standout – with silky skills. Gave the final handball for a Kane Lambert goal and racked up 21 touches. 

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Brandon Ellis – 4
A few nerves early for the wingman but he eventually settled. Missed everything with a difficult set shot from the right forward pocket and finished with 11 disposals. Where will he play next year?

Dylan Grimes – 7
Had the big task of taking Jeremy Cameron and did his job superbly – again. Was outmarked early by the Coleman medallist for the Giants' first goal, but that was his only slip-up of the day. Grabbed 11 marks to go with his 14 disposals at 100 per cent efficiency. 

Bachar Houli – 8
Capped a magnificent season with a great Grand Final showing. When the heat was on early, Houli was calm and as the match opened up, his run from half-back became more important. Had a team-high 26 touches and mixed in seven marks and six tackles.

Kane Lambert – 6
Flies under the radar a bit, but not among the Tigers' faithful. Lambert was again influential for the victors with 20 touches (10 contested) and a third-quarter goal on the run that really drove the nail into GWS's coffin. 

Tom Lynch – 7
Looked like taking the game apart early with a couple of contested marks on his opponent Aidan Corr. Finished with two goals from 13 disposals and seven marks and laid off a beautifully weighted pass to set up a Shai Bolton's goal.

Dustin Martin – 9
What can you say about the superstar? Grabbed his second Norm Smith Medal with 22 disposals and four goals and could have had an even bigger day if he he'd been more selfish. Kicked a goal in each quarter and his third-term snap from the left forward pocket was the icing. Had Matt de Boer's attention early but when he moved forward, just tore the game apart.

Toby Nankervis – 6
Strong game from the ruckman who worked tirelessly around the contest. Not only did he neutralise Shane Mumford, but managed to grunt his way to 17 disposals. Galloped towards goal in the third quarter but his left foot snap let him down. 

Marlion Pickett – 8
An incredible story became even more remarkable for the 27-year-old who produced a fearless display on debut. If he didn't have a teammate named Dustin Martin, could well have challenged for the Norm Smith Medal. Showed no sign of nerves early and helped take control of the game for Richmond in the second term with two involvements in Martin's second goal. Kicked one of his own in the third quarter. A day he'll never forget.

Dion Prestia – 7
Started like a house on fire with 11 first-quarter disposals, forcing the Giants to move de Boer from Martin over to him. Was quieter as the match wore on, but would have taken great delight in putting the ball on the chest of his former Gold Coast teammate Tom Lynch for a third-quarter goal. 

Jack Riewoldt – 8
After barely touching it against Geelong last week, Riewoldt bounced back with a bang, kicking five goals. Was the recipient of a dubious free kick to get going in the second quarter but then led Phil Davis to the ball repeatedly to have three by half-time. Iced his match with two more in the final quarter.

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Daniel Rioli – 7
Stats tell only half the story for Rioli who was fantastic in the forward half of the ground. His goal on the stroke of quarter-time gave the Tigers the lead and they never looked back. Matched Caddy's 25 pressure acts and his clever bounced handball to Martin for a goal in the third and contest in the goalsquare for Riewoldt's fourth typified his selfless approach. Had eight scoring involvements from his 12 disposals. 

Jayden Short – 6
As polished as ever from half-back. While there was chaos all around him in the first half, Short barely wasted a disposal. Finished with 19 for the day to go with seven marks. 

Ivan Soldo – 6
Teamed nicely with Nankervis to help the Tigers get the better of the midfield battle. Dropped into the hole in front of Harry Himmelberg to take a timely second-quarter grab and then brought the house down with his goal from 45m right as the three-quarter time siren sounded. 

Nick Vlastuin – 8
One of the Tigers' best. Constantly found a way to roll off his man and intercept while Astbury, Grimes and Broad took care of their opponents. Had a match-high 12 marks and gained 570m from his 22 disposals. A perfect complement to the best organised backline in the competition.