BRISBANE full-back Jack Frost has retired following repeated problems with concussion.

The 26-year-old made the decision after receiving advice from a specialist in Melbourne during the off-season.

In his six-year AFL career Frost has suffered 14 concussions while playing for the Lions and Collingwood.

He has played just two senior games since heading to the Lions following the 2016 season.

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"I’m on an emotional rollercoaster at the moment which I’m sure will subside with time,” Frost said. 

"I have days where I feel okay and have accepted the fact that I can no longer play but I also have days where I get quite frustrated and upset that this is how it has ended.

"I’ve always played with the people I love most in mind and to hear their support recently has really tugged at the heart strings.

"No one wants their career to end, let alone like this and it certainly wasn’t how I expected it to finish.

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"I do, however, value my health and the rest of my life and if I can be healthy and avoid further damage to my head it’s a no brainer, pardon the pun.

"I have met some incredible humans on my journey and some I will call lifelong friends so it’s certainly not all bad.

"I will miss the environment and how lucky I was to play but am also excited to explore my future and the opportunities that will present themselves.

"I will forever be grateful to both the Lions and the Pies for the opportunities they have given me to fulfil a childhood dream and will always hold my AFL career close to my heart."

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General manager of football David Noble said Frost had been brave over the past 18 months.

"His vulnerability to ongoing issues through a collision sport was something that needed to be discussed," Noble said.

"The reality of his ongoing concussions has reached a high medical point of concern and it is in his best interests to retire.

"It’s never a great position where a player’s decision to retire is forced upon him, but being able to achieve more personal milestones is far more important."

Frost still had a year to run on his contract.

He is the fourth Lion in the past five years to retire following repeated head knocks.

Jonathan Brown, Matt Maguire and Justin Clarke were all forced to finish their careers prematurely.