Harley Reid in action during the AFL Academy boys match against Carlton VFL on May 13, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

GREATER Western Sydney has already held discussions around what it would take to again trade up for the No.1 pick in this year's national draft, as the race for gun youngster and likely top selection Harley Reid begins to heat up.

Speaking on AFL.com.au's trade and draft show Gettable earlier this week, Giants football boss Jason McCartney revealed that a potential play for Reid is "absolutely on the table" and "not something we haven't already discussed".

The Giants became the first side in more than 20 years to trade up for the No.1 pick last season, claiming key forward prospect Aaron Cadman, parting with selections No.3, 12 and a future second-rounder to shift up the order.

They again hold a strong draft hand this year and currently possess picks No.4 and No.6 thanks to Jacob Hopper's move to Richmond last season – as well as their future first-round selection – and have already held talks around potentially moving up once more.

"It's absolutely on the table," McCartney told Gettable.


"What we know is that it's a really important time in the recruiting calendar coming up, because the under-18 championships have just started. We've all seen a lot of some and the recruiting team has watched for a couple of years and we all know the capabilities of Harley.

"You're strategising about what you would like to be doing and might be doing, but you just also need to keep your powder dry. You just need to let the championships unfold too, because some players can really elevate in that period.

"What you're looking at and what you're really relying on in your recruiting team is their assessment post-championships and that back-end of the year. Where are the tiers? Everyone talks about the first round and it's great and you can find players anywhere, but where is the tiering and where is the drop-off in the first round and early parts of the second round and see the talent versus what we really need and how can we get into some of those areas?

"We've been able to do that in the past because when you're trading out high-end talent, you're getting some good draft picks back so you're able to maybe have some assets that other clubs generally have."

Reid, the Bendigo Pioneers and Vic Country star, stamped himself as an early contender for the No.1 pick with his impressive bottom-age performances last year and has made an impressive start to the 2023 season to solidify his place at the top.

But with the six-week national under-18s carnival starting last Sunday, when the Allies defeated South Australia, McCartney said the club had plenty of options going into the back half of the campaign.

"It was the Vic Metro against Vic Country game last year in Grand Final week … he held his own in that company as a bottom-ager. It was pretty impressive. (I've also seen) a little bit through the AFL Academy games this year," McCartney said.


"He looks a very special talent. But I'm sure, like we've seen in other years too, there's some that are rising pretty quickly around that early part of the first round and there's some that will jump up over the next couple of weeks as well.

"But, I'll be honest, I'm not shying away, it's not something we haven't already discussed."