Aliir Aliir after a collision with Lachie Jones during the round 20 match between Adelaide and Port Adelaide at Adelaide Oval, July 29, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

THE AFL will continue to speak with Port Adelaide's medical team over its management of defender Aliir Aliir on Saturday night.

Aliir had a heavy collision with teammate Lachie Jones that brought play to a stop in the second quarter at Adelaide Oval.

While Jones underwent a head impact assessment and was cleared of a concussion but ruled out with a migraine at half-time, Aliir returned to the ground later in the quarter and played out the game.


In a statement on Sunday, the AFL said it would continue to speak with the Power about how the club's medical stuff managed both players during the game.

"The AFL's Acting Executive General Manager of Football Laura Kane and Chief Medical Officer Dr Michael Makdissi have been in contact with the Port Adelaide Football Club following the incident involving Aliir Aliir and Lachie Jones during last night's match," a statement read.

"Aliir and Jones had a heavy collision which resulted in both players undertaking head injury assessments (HIA) and Jones being substituted from the game after a SCAT5 test and Aliir returning to the game after his initial HIA.

"Over the coming days the AFL will continue to have dialogue with the Port Adelaide Football Department and their Club Doctor to closely monitor the management of Aliir and Jones.

"The AFL will provide a further update in due course."

On Saturday night, Port coach Ken Hinkley defended the club's decision to allow Aliir to return to action minutes after the collision.

"Mark Fisher is an incredibly experienced doctor and he makes the right decisions that he needs to make. The doctor made the right decisions based around both players. He was really, really clear and certain to me," Hinkley said.

"I sat and spoke to Aliir and Aliir was clear as he could be. The doctor was very, very comfortable that the situation was well and truly OK and he was able to go back on. He went back on and played the whole game, so I don't think there were too many problems with Aliir other than he got beaten badly."