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Fantasy form watch: Big boys come out to play

Stars bang out ridiculously high scores in round nine

8:44pm  May 19, 2019

BARRETT: Big guns make flag chase a race in five

The contenders flex their muscles, life gets harder for Brendon Bolton and a message for Luke Beveridge

8:28pm  May 19, 2019

Nine things we learned: 2010 Flag-pie still has what it takes

Veteran Pies tall reminds Nathan Buckley what he has to offer, plus more round nine lessons

8:25pm  May 19, 2019

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The 10: round nine's best moments

8:32pm  May 19, 2019

Full post-match: Blues

8:29pm  May 19, 2019

Full post-match: Giants

8:26pm  May 19, 2019

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Your burning questions for 2019

Are the Blues' green shoots an orchid, or a cactus?

7:28pm Mar 20, 2019


Your season predictions: Premier, spoon, ladder, who'll rise and fall

The Crows are set to return as a flag force, according to fans' pre-season predictions

6:45am Mar 18, 2019


The headline you hope to read in 2019, and the one you dread

How do you want to see your club make the news in 2019?

8:20am Jan 4, 2019


Your say: coach's New Year's resolutions

As the clock ticks up to midnight, what should your coach be vowing to change?

8:00am Dec 31, 2018


Pass mark: Your club's baseline ladder finish in 2019

YOUR SAY: Which clubs are heading into the new year with great expectations, and which have little to prove?

6:50pm Dec 24, 2018


Have your say: What should be your coach's New Year resolution?

With another footy year nearly over and a new one set to begin, we're inviting your views

7:29am Dec 18, 2018


Your trade verdicts, part two: Haw-WB

Who ruled the Deal Room? Who missed out?

11:58am Oct 20, 2018


Your trade verdicts, part one: Adel-GWS

Who ruled the Deal Room? Who missed out?

11:57am Oct 20, 2018


I knew we were a flag chance when ...

Eagle fans have their say on an unforgettable season

6:25am Oct 11, 2018


Magpie fans deliver verdict after Bucks takes his chance

Fans share their memorable moments from a remarkable 2018

7:00am Oct 7, 2018


The chant still haunting Tiger fans

Richmond fans on the cruel end to their courageous flag defence

7:10am Oct 4, 2018


Dees fans' verdict: the long road out of hell

Supporters revel in finally banishing the 'ski field' jibes

7:27am Oct 3, 2018


You're the list manager: what's your club's dream trade?

Which stars would you put on the table and what do you want in return?

6:33am Oct 3, 2018


Hawk fans miss Rioli's September spark

Would Hawthorn's finals series have played out differently with Cyril Rioli?

6:50am Sep 27, 2018


What happened to 'fight until the end'?

Giants fans demand more from their team next season

7:08am Sep 26, 2018


Dan no longer the man for Swans fans

Supporters name outgoing midfielder their side's biggest flop

9:16am Sep 23, 2018


Cat coach running out of lives, say fans

Chris Scott cops it as Geelong fans deliver their season verdict

7:00am Sep 20, 2018


Season verdict: Roos fans hail leap forward

North supporters have their say on an unexpectedly positive campaign

9:49am Sep 16, 2018


Season verdict: Fans rue Port Adelaide's prize flops

Jack Watts bears the brunt as Port fans give their verdict

6:56am Sep 14, 2018


The loss that still burns for Bomber fans

Bomber fans rue a damaging defeat to the Blues in their season verdict

6:48am Sep 13, 2018